Graveyard Ghost Hunting

Graveyard Ghost Hunting
By Noah (AKA Jolly Pumpkin)

I am not a paranormal investigator or a professional ghost hunter as other sites may claim to be, but here are some of my tips I’ve gathered while traveling from one spooky graveyard to the other. You will also find a list of materials that prove to be helpful when ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunting Tips
*Never go alone. It’s bad enough you’d be alone in a graveyard, but you may also get hurt. May God help you.
*Ghosts appear on film better when it’s dark.
*Be calm and collective when on a hunt. Ghosts can pick up on your fear.
*If possible, visit the location before night fall. You don’t want to be tripping over things in the dark.
*Never go alone. Who wants to be alone and hurt in a graveyard at night?
*Bring a cell phone. You never know what will happen.
*Never wear cologne or perfume. Some spirits will try to get your attention with scent.
*If you’re a smoker, please don’t bring your cigarettes. Smoke may be confused with mist, when on film.
*It’s common sense to bring a flashlight unless the city lights illuminate the location.
*Bring your ID. If the police catch you, you may need some proof of who you are.
*Have patience since you can’ t always have a ghost show up.

The Materials
Here is a list of materials I use when traveling from one graveyard to the other. Some popular materials I don’t use are the thermometer, tape recorder and others due to outside conditions.
*Flashlight-This is your best friend when it’s pitch black out.
*Notebook-Well, unless you have a portable book light, it’ll be hard to take notes.
*Cell Phone-What if you trip and get hurt? How are you going to contact anyone when everyone’s under the ground? You’ll definitely need a cell phone.
*Hand Held Radio-Some of these graveyards are huge and when you and your buddies split up, you’re going to need a way to communicate back and forth.
*Camera-Any camera that does well in low light will do. I prefer using a digital camera over anything else since you have an instant picture.
*Camcorder-This isn’t necessary and carrying one around can be more of a bother. No matter what, the camcorder must have Night Shot or some type of infrared feature to record in the dark.
*Extra batteries-Spirits use energy and for one reason or the other they love to drain your batteries in doing so.
*EMF Detectors-With an Electro Magnetic Field Detector, you track and find energy sources. Fluctuations between 2.0-7.0 usually indicate the presence of a spirit. This is a very important instrument to use.
*Motion Detector-I personally don’t recommend using one outdoors. High winds can easily set one off.
*Watch-Do I really need to explain?