Granny Interview

Granny Interview
By Noah, creator & webmaster

Today I interview Granny. She can be seen at different haunts across the country and haunt conventions interacting with people in rather odd ways. Either way she is hysterical, creepy and entertaining if she knows it or not.

*So Granny what is your favorite part of being involved in the haunt industry?
Haunt Industry, I’m not in the haunt industry. People tell me Tom Jones is going to be at all these places so I go and all these people show up wearing weird costumes. I just figured that they are drug addicts. But now you said haunt industr; It makes total sense. But why are they at the Tom Jones Concert?

*How old are you Granny?
You need to mind your tounge you whippersnapper. Never ask a lady her age. I can tell you that I am old enoughh to break my hip off in your ass.

*How old is that pair of granny panties you’ve shown people at Terror  Park?
My panties are made fresh every 3 hours because of my IBS. I always see the guys looking granny up and down and it’s just my saying thanks.

*How was your experience at Hauntcon, did you hold up?
I’ll tell you what you riff-raff. I didn’t enjoy being locked in the trunk on the way up only to be sealed in a hotel room with 2 rowdy boys all weekend. Then they tell me Bob Dole is downstairs and all that was down there was SMUT PEDDLERS in there lil shorty shorts disrespecting Granny. But Granny gave them a piece of her mind that’s for sure.

*What’s life like when you aren’t at conventions or wondering around at haunts?
Well, Tater locks me in his basement and throws food down every once in awhile. I go upstairs to steal his computer because granny needs her porn sites and to look at City Blood. I keep pretty busy knitting all sorts of stuff.

*How have people responded to you granny?
OOOH people love the Granny. They watch out for her all the time. Always helping when i get stuck in doors or can’t figure out how to work those high tech gadgets. They always come to help granny out of a bind.

*How do you feel about the other grannies out there trying to steel your spotlight at haunts?
The only other older women I’ve seen at a haunt is the other granny and we go way back. People always try to get us to do Dueling grannies, but we don’t need any of that war. In fact at Hauntcon we chatted for about an hour about all sorts of things then Elmer called and i had to go.

*What are your plans this haunt season?
Granny’s going on vacation in Flordia trying to get a sun tan. I’ve already got my new pink thong picked out ready to bask in the sun

*What haunts can you be seen at this haunt season?
Oh if you’re lucky you can Catch me running around different Tom Jones concerts. He’s having one at CStaduim in Columbus so look for granny there.