Ghostly Manor Thrill Center 2011 Review

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center
“Gifts, Ghosts and Ghostly Gauntlet”

By Noah Wullkotte:

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is your haunted destniation if you’re in the mood for Halloween fun. Ghostly Manor has so much to offer, that you may be there all night and won’t want to leave until the doors are closed.

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is a full fledge skatepark with a large skating rink, arcade games, a 3D motion theater, Ghostly Gifts and of course haunts. The haunts are Ghostly Manor and Ghostly Gauntlet. When we first pulled up to Ghostly Manor, we noticed that the impressive castle facade has been changed a bit. It’s still beautiful, but there were no animatronics being used, no fog coming out of the Dragon and the lights weren’t flashing on and off to Midnight Synidicate music. It’s still one of the most impressive facades I’ve seen at a haunt, but it’s not as eye catching as it once was. Hopefully this is changed in 2012.

Ghostly Manor Haunted House returns this year with a different entrance. You’ll enter the building from outside while waiting under a large tent. In previous years, the entrance started inside Ghostly Manor Thrill Center. Ghostly Manor is an over the top haunt with animatronics in nearly every room. So, if warm flesh and blood actors don’t scare you, the mechanical scares will. This is a very high impact haunt that stays current with today’s technology. You’ll venture through a maze of body bags, dark hallways, a room full of severed heads covered in magotts, a haunted living room, a scary funhouse, a haunted bedroom, a dungeon, a dark hallway with flashing boxes in the floor and more.

The actors at Ghostly Manor are pretty effective with some being used in multiple areas of the haunt. They could be more intense though and use more dialogue. But their costuming is impressive and the haunt is full of characters everywhere you turn. Ghostly Manor Thrill Center doesn’t just include haunts. They also have the only 3D Motion Theater in Ohio. It’s called the XD 3D Motion Theater and features 4D onscreen action with wind effects, surround sound and fast movements. It’s like a compact version of the motion rides you’ve experienced at your local themepark, but is just as effective. Shows playing are Canyon 3D Coaster, Haunted Mine, Cosmic Coaster and Aqua Ride.

But your night of scary entertainment isn’t quite over yet. Ghostly Gauntlet has returned and is still very confusing even when you have another group with you helping out. This year’s maze might not have fog anymore, but it seemed like the actors were more intense and it was a better overall experience. Ghostly Manor Thrill Center offers hours of entertainment from rollerskating to arcade games and of course two quality attractions. Ghostly Manor is a year round haunted house that operates during many months of the year. After the season is over, Ghostly Manor Thrill Center gets ready for their annual Christmas events such as their syncronized Christmas lights show.

Tickets for Ghostly Manor Haunted House is $11 for adults and $7 for children (under 10). You can purchase a combo ticket and tour both Ghostly Manor and Ghostly Gauntlet for $17. XD 3D Theater movies per person are $7 per movie; 2 movies for $12; 3 for $16; 4 for $20; All 5 for $24. You’re getting over 30 minutes worth of entertainment for both haunts and that doesn’t include everything else Ghostly Manor Thrill Center has to offer. Visit this Sandusky fun zone yourself and have a hauntingly good time.

Final Stab For Each Haunt
Ghostly Manor 
Length-9  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-10  Acting-8  Scare Effect-9  Final Stab: 9.0 

Ghostly Gauntlet (Props aren’t counted in the rating.)  Length-7  Design-6  Acting-6  Scare Effect-7  Final Stab: 5.2