Fright Manor 2015 Review

Fright Manor (Indianapolis, IN)
“The Spirit of Adam Returns”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The spirit of a little boy named Adam walks around in a dark and mysterious building. His restless soul is searching for human contact. He’s definitely not the only scary thing you’ll bump into at this fun and starling haunt.

This is City Blood’s 2015 review of Fright Manor in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fright Manor is made up of 3 different attractions. These are Dark Mayhem, Demented and Psychomanthium. We consider it 3 sections that join together to form one large haunt. It’s a longer and more intense haunt with quite a few surprises. Fright Manor is an old school haunt at heart, but there’s plenty of eye candy for you to enjoy. This haunt is full of high tech animatronics and just about any type of claustrophobia tunnel you can think of.

You’ll see an animated skeleton shaking a cage, a ravenous werewolf, a vibrating bridge/catwalk, a thrashing chained prisoner, various ghouls and much more. We were caught off guard the most by the electric fire crackers that went off while we walked down a dark hallway. The loud air cannon was also quite effective.

Fright Manor is a lengthy haunt lasting 30 minutes or longer depending on how fast you walk. You’ll see a few horror movie monsters along the way such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. But there’s plenty of unique characters you’ll come across. The crazed mental patient who had us write our names on the wall was quite memorable and who can forget the Ouija board spirit who was creepy beyond belief? The skeleton on stilts was definitely something we weren’t going to forget and the talking stuffed animal was unexpected.

Fright Manor is unique because you never know what type of scene you’re going to get. The clown birthday celebration had us cracking up and we always enjoy the wall of serial killers. There are just too many scenes to count, but I’ll do my best to mention a few of our favorites.

The haunted church with a sinful priest was hysterical. Him throwing holy water at us was a great touch. The zombie munching on a corpse and flinging blood at us was also quite creative. The actor playing the coffin salesman was great and Jason Voorhees was pretty intimidating. Fright Manor reminds me of the haunts I visited when I was a young child. They relied on atmosphere and actors.

Every year Fright Manor has a prop that plays tribute to a current event. This year you’ll see a dummy wearing a Hillary Clinton mask, but I’m not going to tell you where. Fright Manor has you crawling through a tunnel and walking through a swamp. This is a really enjoyable haunt, but there are some improvements that could be made.  The first haunt you’ll enter is Demented. This is a fun haunt, but there are too many times where not much is happening. I enjoyed the attraction, but it pales in comparison to the rest of Fright Manor. Some scenes in Fright manor could benefit from music or sound effects. Besides that I don’t have much to complain about.

Tickets are $20 a person and $15 if you have a military ID. Children 5 and under are free. Bring  your paid receipt back with 2 paid admissions and get in free. You can go through as many times as you want and it’s good all month. The haunt will be open on Friday, November 13th and Saturday the 14th from 7:30-10pm and tickets are only $15.

Overall we had a really good time at Fright Manor. It’s 30 minutes of frightening entertainment and a great value. Don’t forget to get your picture taken with Adam and get a bite to eat or a refreshing drink at the concessions trailer.   

Length-10  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.4