Fright Manor 2008 Review

This year Fright Manor has 3 individual haunts that are sure to scare the living day lights out of you. These include Fright Manor, Southport Sanatarium and Psychomanthium. Also make sure and grab yourself a hot chocolate or some pop corn while you wait in line. This is Indiana’s classic haunt, Fright Manor.
Length-9: Fright Manor consists of 3 individual themed haunts that connect to each other. After you are finished with one haunt you’ll walk into line to wait to enter another. It will take around 25 minutes to tour every haunt at Fright Manor.
Design-9: When you visit Fright Manor you’ll tour 3 distinctive haunts. These are Fright Manor, Psychomanthium and The Southport Sanatarium. They are all well themed, but there are some areas these haunts could work on. One major problem Fright Manor faces is that each and every haunt doesn’t have floors. This presents a problem since gravel has been used to replace normal floors that are typical of most haunted attractions. If real hard wood or even concrete floors were used these haunts would be able to provide a more realistic experience for customers.
Another issue that Fright Manor has is its facades. While you can obviously tell which haunt is which from the outside, there really isn’t anything unique that sets itself apart. If you are going to build a Sanatarium themed haunt the outside needs to resemble an old decrepit hospital taken over by ghouls. Scenes you’ll walk through at Fright Manor includes a Toxic dump, haunted graveyard, crawl through coffin, a bloody kitchen and much more.
Props/Animatronics-9: Fright Manor is full of a variety of animatronics every which way you turn. Props include tortured victims, a vomiting ghoul, a witch and her boiling cauldron and much more. You’ll be impressed by the shear amount of high tech props that fill many of the rooms at Fright Manor. There is some impressive eye candy at this classic haunt, but many of the props aren’t well lit. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on animatronics, why not highlight all their detail using cheap LED lighting. Lighting truly brings a scene to life.
Acting-8: The actors could use more dialogue, but for the most part they are intense enough for most people. Although I’m not a huge fan of chainsaws, Fright Manor doesn’t seem to overuse them. Many haunts will have actors use chainsaws in every other scene and after a while the chainsaw starts to loose its impact. But this isn’t the case with Fright Manor. Overall the actors compliment the scenes perfectly.
Scare Effect-8: Fright Manor can be a frightening haunt at times. Its mix of high end animatronics and intense actors will surely catch you off guard.
Fright Value: $18 is a pretty good deal for 3 different haunts in one location. But please make sure and print out the $3 off coupon available on If you are paying for a family of four the cost starts to add up in a hurry.
Final Stab-8:6:  Fright Manor is still one of the best haunts in the state of Indiana. Not only does this haunt have great actors, there are also some impressive animatronics you’ll come in contact with. Make a trip out to Fright Manor this Halloween season and have the fright of your life.