Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)
“Beware of the Mummy’s Curse”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Welcome to the opening ceremony of Fear Fair. Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show begins to play as actors do the Time Warp dance. There’s fireworks, flames and tons of action around a medieval facade before people are allowed to enter the haunt. Fear Fair is an over the top haunt in terms of production value and set design. Enter a dimly lit cavern where the air quality is at a dangerous level. You must hop on board an elevator that malfunctions as it travels to the 13th floor. Fear Fair consists of 4 attractions/sections. These are Ancient Evil, Leveau’s Curse, Ramses’ Wrath and Rockford Riot.

The dark catacombs are home to skeletons and hooded creatures that are ready to attack. The hallway is decorated with skulls of victims who met their doom. Meet the Necromancer who collects souls and communicates with the dead. The voodoo shop features a woman who offers magic and power. Will your life be your payment? Bourbon Street can be a little sketchy at night and you never know what’s out there.

The foggy swamp is full of dangerous creatures like snakes and crocodiles. Enter a New Orleans cemetery with above ground crypts, a headstone that comes alive and a grave digger that wants to bury you alive. Watch out for the zombies that have a desire for human flesh. The newest addition to Fear Fair is their Ancient Egypt section called Ramses’ Wrath. To say it’s elaborate is an understatement. The ground has real sand on it, there are plenty of Egyptian statues, monuments and there’s a rope bridge next to a lake. A sphinx head has water pouring out of its mouth.

Fear Fair has plenty of delicious eye candy like animated mummies, scary skeletons, a giant killer scorpion, an electric chair and much more. This is a very over the top haunt with massive scenes like the Rockford Prison where there’s been a riot. One inmate wants to know if you’ve been talking about his mama. A hanging man springs to life as you walk past him. The morgue is full of the dearly departed in the cold storage area. You’ll explore other areas in the prison like the laundry room, bathroom and more. Fear Fair has some fantastic actors like Billy Edwards who plays the prison inmate known as Peaches. Peaches won’t let you leave Fear Fair unless you lay down with him in bed. If you like to be spooned and serenaded then you’re in for a treat and a night to remember.

We visited on a Sunday night and Fear Fair seemed to be a little understaffed. There were a few dead spots here and there, but the actors they had were on their A game. We absolutely loved the new Ancient Egypt section. The lighting is beautiful and we luckily survived the curse of the mummy. Total Tour time was 20 minutes. General admission is $25 and the Slash Pass is $35. Group pricing is available. There’s plenty of entertainment and concessions in the Monster Midway. This includes a Buried Alive Simulator, Zombie Brain Smash game, Sphere of Fear, Rock Climbing, Test Tour Strength game, a photo op station, food and more. DJ Fear plays tunes while people wait to enter Fear Fair. Don’t forget to get some Fear Fair merchandise and to pick up your group photo at their Photos/Merchandise booth. Please visit www.fearfair.com for information on special events such as Blackout.

This haunt is very easy to locate because they use a high powered search light and laser lights that can be seen from far away. Fear Fair is one of the best haunts in Indiana and tell them City Blood sent you!

Length-9 Design-10 Props/Animatronics-9 Acting-8 Scare Effect-8

Final Stab: 8.8