Fear Fair 2019 Review

Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)
“Fear Has Taken Over”

By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Fireworks shoot high into the air and the heat from flames will warm your bones. Every night, Fear Fair has an opening ceremony before opening the doors and it’s something you don’t want to miss. Fear Fair is one of our all time favorite haunts. Every season they make massive changes to different sections of the haunt. I’m always shocked that this is a charity haunt because the set design is Hollywood quality and many of the scenes are very unique and cutting edge. This is City Blood’s 2019 review of Fear Fair in Seymour, Indiana. Drive a little, scream a lot.

Enter a cavern where the air quality is poor and the only way out is through an elevator. Get ready for a bumpy ride as the elevator malfunctions and you pray to god that you survive. Fear Fair has one of the best elevators around. It features CGI animation, realistic sound effects and you’ll feel like you’re plummeting to your death.

An ancient evil is hiding in the dark catacombs of Fear Fair. Be careful where you turn because you never know if something is going to grab a hold of you. The walls are covered with skeletal remains and there are unspeakable creatures that want to kill you. A 15 foot corpse like creature called the Necromancer is waiting for you. Do you have the courage to cross its path? Fear Fair consists of 4 themed sections. Some might consider then small haunts. This includes The Pestilence, Rockford Riot, Leveau’s Curse and of course Ancient Evil.

I’m here to say that Ancient Evil features some of the scariest scenes that Fear Fair has ever had and the set design is gorgeous. I was on the edge of my seat as I turned each corner. Robed creatures will appear out of nowhere and they will get up close and personal. They have jagged and missing teeth. They reminded me a little of the zombies from the Blind Dead movie series, but with out the skull faces. Most lack dialogue, but they are downright creepy. One whispered in my ear, “I smell your fear” as he slowly walked into the darkness. Ancient Evil is an incredible addition to Fear Fair with some impressive props. The Tesla Coil was very hair raising.

Leveau’s Curse will have you stepping foot into New Orleans where the towns people practice voodoo and Marie Leveau is feared. She’s the voodoo queen of New Orleans. She possesses magical powers and performs weird ceremonies. She can put many under her spell and she has a massive following. She’s wise and can even heal and protect those who visit her. She has cursed Fear Fair and you will have a front row seat to horrible things she’s done. Explore Bourbon Street and the murky swamp where there are plenty of dangerous animals including a massive ancient crocodile. He wants to make you his next meal. Sisters fight back and fourth as you try to escape.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to get the Extra Fear Admission. It’s the same price as a regular ticket, but you’ll be given a glow necklace to wear. This alerts the actors that they can be more hands on. You might even become part of a scene. I was forced into a chair while Papa Legba turned me into a voodoo doll. You’ll experience a variety of scenes in Leveau’s Curse which includes cemeteries with above ground crypts. A grave digger protects the grounds and you might even see the spirit of a bride who unfortunately passed away. Some things don’t stay dead and yes that angel of death statue is alive.

Pestilence is defined as a fatal disease that has become an epidemic. It’s also a name given for the bubonic plague. Pestilence is the next section you’ll explore at Fear Fair. A witch has cursed a 14th century town with the Black Plague. There are witches, helpless victims and what appears to be a massive Dragon Head that bites. There are some unique characters you’ll meet along the way. A half man, half goat creature can be found lurking in a barn. He somewhat resembles the character Black Phillip from the movie “The Witch”. This actor did a convincing job as he cornered me and made goat sounds. He even sniffed me up and down. Pestilence is a detailed section of Fear Fair and it’s a very theatrical experience.

Last, but certainly not least is Rockford Riot. Some of the best acting of the night can be found inside the Rockford Correctional Facility. The two best characters without a doubt are Tiny and Peaches. Tiny is a portly gentleman who can be found in the prison shower. He wants to play a game with you. He’s going to drop the soap and you must find it. Bend over and get ready for some fun. This heavy shirtless actor was making me a little uncomfortable as I desperately tried to find the soap. I thought I was out of the woods, but I wouldn’t be so lucky. In the next room was a prison cell that was occupied by none other than a prisoner called Peaches. The only way out is if you allow him to spoon you. Yes, you heard me right. This is a very unique scene and that’s all I’m going to say. Rockford Riot is a very realistic section of Fear Fair and one of the most intense.

The set design is very impressive inside Rockford Riot and the acting is some of the best I’ve seen all season. The prison warden can’t handle it anymore and the only solution is suicide. He proceeded to point a gun at his head and pull the trigger. This scene is quite effective and loud. The Rockford Correctional Facility is very immersive. The prisoners have escaped and they are out for blood. One gentleman was chewing on my shoulder like he was dog.

It took us 27 minutes to survive this year’s Fear Fair. There were very few spots where there wasn’t an actor, impressive prop or incredible set design. This is a thrill ride of a haunt and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. General admission is $25, a Slash Pass to skip the regular line is $35. This will get you half the wait time. If you want a more hands on experience then be sure to ask for the Extra Fear Ticket. It’s no extra charge and you get a glow necklace to alert actors that you want them to be physical.

Children’s Trick or Treat Night takes place on October 28th from 7pm-9pm. It includes one child’s admission for $5 and one free adult admission is included. There aren’t any scares, but there’s plenty of tasty candy for the kids. Children of the actors will be in the scenes. Blackout Night is on November 1st and 2nd. There’s no lighting and the actors wear special UV Makeup. You’ll be given a UV Flashlight and there’s a max of 3 people allowed in a group.

General admission is only $20 if you have at least 15 people in your group. Group sales automatically receive slash pass upgrade. Bring in two canned goods and get $2 off admission. Canned goods are for Kentucky Harvest which delivers over 2 million pounds of food to different organizations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Please be aware that Fear Fair can get very crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you don’t like huge crowds then visit them on a Thursday or Sunday that they’re open. You’ll thank me later.

While you wait in line you can enjoy some tunes from DJ Fear who plays a variety of music and usually dresses up in some wild costume. There are also lasers, fog, fire and more. You’ll have your picture taken before entering the haunt and you can purchase it after you exit. Don’t forget to take a picture of the twerking zombie. There’s memorabilia available such as Fear Fair hoodies, shirts and more. Various characters roam the grounds on a nightly basis. Fear Fair is a Jaycees haunt and proceeds go towards buying defibrillators for fire fighters, first responders, etc. Get into the holiday spirit during Creepy Christmas on December 6th & 7th. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Roses are Dead on February 14th & 15th, 2020. Fear Fear really knows how to embrace the holidays. Please visit their website for further information on their special events. This includes pricing, dates, hours and more.

Fear Fair never ceases to amaze me. It’s an exceptional haunt. This will be their 19th season and we wish them many more.

Length-9  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 9.0