Fear Fair 2016 Review

Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)
“Drive A Little, Scream A lot”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Enter a cavern where the air quality is poor. The lights have gone out and you must take a ride on an elevator to escape. The elevator goes up, but it’s malfunctioned causing the cords to snap. This intense ride is headed straight for the 13th floor down below. The elevator suddenly comes to a halt as you get ready to exit. A war of epic proportions has broken out and you’re forced to dodge gunfire while trying to survive. Come face to face with a massive beast that guards an entryway to broken ruins. Unspeakable creatures and incredible sights are waiting.

Fear Fair is one of the most elaborate haunts you will ever experience. An entire section is dedicated to New Orleans. Enter haunted Bourbon street where a beggar loves to pick your pockets. You might even be turned into a voodoo doll in the voodoo shop if you’re not careful. The swamp has incredible lighting and some low lying fog. Crocodiles are hiding and they’ll gobble you up if they’re given the chance. It’s truly impressive how detailed this haunt is. The cemetery features massive above ground crypts and some frightening characters along the way.

Downtown Atlanta from The Walking Dead has realistic shops and structures. Walls have cracks and large holes from where zombies were trying to escape. The Silent Hill section features crazy characters including disfigured nurses in scantily clad outfits. They want to tear you from limb to limb as they move closer. This is a haunt that prides itself in making scenes as real as possible. Silent Hill features Midwich Elementary School with an endless hallway effect. You’ll even see the missing girl named Sharon who was a vital part of the movie. Fear Fair has greatly improved compared to last season and the intensity has been taken up a notch. This isn’t your grandma’s haunted house.

This is a haunt that doesn’t play by the rules and this is why Fear Fair is so unpredictable. Zombies pulled at my clothes, bit me on me on my shoulder and they were relentless in trying to make me their next meal. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill grabbed a hold of my hoodie as his female victim screamed out in terror. Even a priest was being attacked by a possessed woman who was hanging on to his back. There are some impressive props and effects including a large Tesla Coil and mannequins that come alive. The new elevator is great as well. It features CGI graphics, dynamic lighting, realistic sounds and intense movements.

This is a unique haunt with some very elaborate rooms. The Saw bathroom is quite memorable especially if it’s your first time touring Fear Fair. The cavern looks like it’s made out of limestone. The West Georgia Correctional Facility from season 4 of The Walking Dead actually resembled an old prison with multiple levels. Many of the sets are large in scale which makes it a very realistic experience. We were inside of Fear Fair for 25 minutes and it was one hell of a thrill ride.

What makes Fear Fair so special is how elaborate and intense it is. The actors are crazy to say the least. Tickets are $20 and VIP is $25. Fear Fair has become very popular over the years. So spend the extra $5 for VIP if you visit on a Friday or Saturday where there’s a chance that it’s going to be crowded. For $30 you can purchase a combo ticket which includes general admission and a T-Shirt. T Shirts are $15 separately. Various Fear Fair merchandise is available to purchase. While we waited in line,we were entertained by a DJ that played various music. CO2 fog shot up in the air and animated graphics played in the background. The skeleton ripping a man’s head off was my favorite. There’s also a Last Ride casket motion simulator, mechanical bull and more.

Fear Fair has really gone all out this season. It’s more detailed than ever, the props are incredible and the actors are up close and personal. Some of the sets are film quality and truly haunting. This is hands down one of the best haunts you’re going to experience. Drive a little, scream a lot.

Length-9  Design-10  Props/Animatronics-10  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 9.4