Factory of Terror 2014 Review

Factory of Terror (Canton, OH)
“Screaming Is Only The Beginning”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio is a massive haunt that’s received many accolades over the years. For the third time, they’ve received the record for being the longest walk-through haunted house in the world by Guinness World Records. The Factory of Terror is comprised of 5 frightening attractions.

When we arrived, we were flabbergasted by how large the line was just for tickets. The line leading into the building was even more impressive. Luckily we had a Fast Pass which allowed us to bypass the regular line. If you’re going to head out to Factory of Terror on Friday or Saturday then do yourself a favor by spending the ten extra dollars. You’ll thank me in the end.

The first haunt you’ll enter is The Asylum. This is the first mirror maze in the United States used for the Halloween season. This is a fun attraction and it can be a little confusing if you’re not paying attention. You’ll experience unique lighting effects, insane characters and more. You’ll eventually enter a cursed church with impressive CGI and some surprises along the way.

After you’ve survived The Asylum, you’ll get in line for Industrial Nightmare. Industrial Nightmare is a very realistic haunt with real machinery, custom made effects and some unique scares. There are some areas that could use some improvements like the chain maze which didn’t have many actors when we went through. A lot of the haunt is just walking around looking at props. It’s an incredible looking attraction without a doubt, but there are too many dead spots.

Next up is Labyrinth of Darkness. This is Factory of Terror’s large dark maze. You’ll walk through complete darkness. The only thing you’ll see are actors that emerge from the shadows or hold lights to help you along the way. The maze eventually transitions into a graveyard and a few other spooky scenes. The maze itself isn’t confusing, but it can be a litle unnerving as you walk in the darkness.

After you’ve survived the Labyrinth of Darkness, you’ll get in line for Massacre on Mahoning. A mansion has an executioner holding a severed head and there’s a mutant plant that’s moving. This is an intense attraction where spirits have run rampant and there are hillbillies and psychos that want to kill you. We’ll discuss the various scenes later in the review.

Last, but certainty not least is the new House of Nightmares. Two massive ogre statues guard the entryway as they hold up broken columns. Are you brave enough to enter? House of Nightmares is the most intense haunt at Factory of Terror. The actors grab, pull and even tickle you. Some floors are uneven and there are some twisted scenes you’re going to experience. It’s a welcome addition to Factory of Terror.

The Factory of Terror is a huge attraction with amazing props and some incredible detail. Scenes include a spider cave, bathroom, catacombs, a bedroom with an animated bed, an office with a killer dog, a walk through incinerator, freezer and more. The graveyard scene is pretty incredible. There’s a thunder storm as lightning strikes a nearby graveyard. Ghouls and creatures are hiding. There are realistic headstones, real dirt, impressive props and even a skeleton trying to dig his own grave.

The Factory of Terror is a very long haunt. We lost track of how long the entire experience was. We were inside for close to an hour which makes this attraction one of the longest in Ohio. The Factory of Terror has some incredible props. There are CGI effects like a haunted portrait with a woman shooting her husband in the head. There are also quite a few large actor controlled animatronics that attack customers.

You’ll be attacked by a massive rat, a demonic goat head and a large skeleton that wants to grab you. There are a lot of effects that make this haunt very interactive. Some scenes use realistic scents and you might even see an actor that jumps at customers using a bungee system. The small tunnel was pretty unique because it releases fog as you exit. Please don’t breath in the air in the toxic gas room.

Speaking of tunnels, Factory of Terror has one of the best Vortex Tunnels we’ve come across. Not only does it spin, it also tilts which definitely caught us by surprise. There are many scenes where you would think that a spirit was nearby. Cabinets open by themselves, walls close in on you and lights flash on and off.

One of my favorite scenes out of all the attractions can be found in Massacre on Mahoning. The sewing room is just plain disturbing. Bodies are sewn together and old sewing machines are all over the place. This is a creepy room without a doubt.

Factory of Terror is stock full of eye candy galore. Everywhere you turn there’s some type of high tech scare that will have you staring in amazement. Even the queue lines have elaborate decorations. You’ll see zombies, spiders hanging from the ceiling, videos of the living dead, coffins and more. The first queue line you enter features a unique sign that tells the rules to live by. You’ll see a ghost and watch blood drip down the glass.

There are plenty of photo op stations scattered throughout the factory. You can get your picture taken in front of a bar, a zombie prom, being held by King Kong and more. General Admission is $26. A Fast Pass is $36. Get yourself a season pass for $100 or a Sunday 4 Pack for $75. Experience the Scare Chair for only $2.50. It’s a unique ride simulator where you’ll go underground and more. Hell, if you need a coffin you can rent one for $125 a week.

There are tons of concessions available like Factory of Terror memorabilia, food, drinks, Halloween masks, novelty items and more. We were able to get a cup of coffee for just $1 and a cup of Cider for $1.50. The Factory of Terror is a very over the top attraction. We have some minor complaints, but overall you can’t beat the price for the amount of entertainment you’re going to get.

Length-10  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-10  Acting-7  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.8