Factory of Terror 2013 Review

Factory of Terror (Canton, OH)
“Record Breaking Terror”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio is a 2 time Guinness World Records holder. They’re the longest horror house in the world and one of the most detailed as well. We showed up on a Friday night and they had a good sized crowd. We waited in line for about an hour, but there was lots of entertainment to keep us content. Factory of Terror has many photo op stations throughout the queue line area. You can get your picture taken with a hanging corpse, torsos, various actors or whatever else is in your way. Flat screen TVs line the wall advertising for different companies and showing trailers for each haunt. The rules are posted on the wall, but in a very unique way.

The Factory of Terror is comprised of 4 different attractions that form one large haunt. These are Portal to Insanity, Industrial Nightmare, Massacre on Mahoning and Judgment day in 3D. Portal to Insanity is the largest mirror maze you will ever experience. It features dynamic lighting, crazed lunatics and grotesque props. The maze is quite confusing especially when the lights shut off. You’ll meet some crazy mental patients. One holds a severed finger she calls her poop finger. Before you enter the mirror maze you’ll experience some amazing scenes like a large cathedral with a CGI surprise and some very shady characters.

The next attraction is called Industrial Nightmare. Industrial Nightmare resembles an old factory where machines operate by themselves and creatures are the employees. The attention to detail is incredible. There’s real machinery, large pipes, plenty of fog and great lighting. Watch as school lockers move back and forth and try to survive as you navigate through a maze of toxic barrels. Our only real gripe is the amount of actors you’ll see. There are too many areas where there’s dead space. This is obvious in the chain and barrel maze. We just kept going around and around without anything really happening. This isn’t the case with the entire haunt and it’s one of the most realistic we’ve seen. If you aren’t impressed by the detail in this haunt then I don’t know what to really tell you.

When you exit Industrial Nightmare, you’ll get in line for Massacre on Mahoning. You’ll walk past a large mansion with an executioner, a pig, a mutant plant and more. The facade is decked out to the max. Massacre on Mahoning is a haunted mansion with just about every possible room you can think of. Enter a haunted whine cellar and try to find some peace in the massive graveyard. Everything is alive. Yes, that zombie just moved and that spider wants to inject you with poison. Everything wants to get you including the walls. Walls move and a vortex tunnel will spin you around and around. You’ll enter a meat locker with fresh meat, a closet, a disgusting kitchen and much more. Will you survive the curse that awaits you in the crypt? The insects and animal life doesn’t want you there and they will attack you if they get the chance.

Last, but not least is Judgment Day in 3D. This 3D adventure is one of the best 3D haunts money can buy. Don’t breathe in the poison or you might become one of the living dead. There’s a war between skeleton armies and you’re in the middle of the action. Eye balls hang from the ceiling and ghouls are hiding in the shadows. Aliens have landed and they want to take you to their mother ship. Enter the pits of hell where a demon wants you for supper. This is an amazing 3D attraction. We just wish it lasted a few minutes longer.

The Factory of Terror lasts 35 minutes, but it could be longer if you’re stuck in the mirror maze for a while. There’s plenty to look at as you travel between each haunt. There are several photo op stations including a zombie prom, a zombie bar and more. Take a ride in the Scare Chair and get a bite to eat or something to drink at the Grub Pub. General admission is $26 and Fast Pass Admission is $36. Please visit www.fotohio.com for information on different pricing. Save your ticket for 15% off at Marsino’s Halloween Headquarters. The Factory of Terror is one of the best designed haunts in Ohio and it’s nearly 40 minutes long. The acting could improve, but the makeup and costuming is fantastic. It’s a fun haunt. If you’re one that doesn’t easily scare then you’ll definitely be impressed by the incredible scenery.

Length-10  Design-10  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-7  Scare Effect-7
Final Stab: 8.6