The Factory of Terror 2008 Review

This year The Factory of Terror has changed locations, but not much else has changed drastically. It appears that scenes from last year’s Labyrinth of Darkness have been incorporated into this year’s haunt, but besides that there haven’t been many improvements that warrant a better score.
Length-8: It will take about 15 minutes to tour The Factory of Terror. There is a variety of effects and scenes with very few dead spots in between with the exception of a couple dark mazes.
Design-9: This year The Factory of Terror has moved to a different location. While the building that holds both haunts isn’t as large or impressive, it still creates a creepy atmosphere since it takes place in an actual factory. Walking to the queue line is an experience of its own. The factory is dark, foggy and mysterious and once you enter the haunt itself it’s a creepy adventure that any haunt enthusiast would appreciate. Once inside the haunt you’ll venture into a foggy graveyard, spooky forest, an ancient temple and a variety of scenes that are both detailed and well lit. A more consistent theme would help create a more realistic experience. It looks as if last years Labyrinth of Darkness has been combined with this years Factory of Terror to create a lengthier experience.
Props/Animatronics-8: The Factory of Terror has some decent props that are sure to scare some people. But the addition of some more high end animatronics would help. Props include a chainsaw wielding pig, rising corpses and much more. The absence of the low frequency sound that emanated throughout the haunt is greatly missed.
Acting-7: This is the area that needs to be worked on most. The actors who scare while people wait in line are the best that Factory of Terror has to offer. But the majority of actors inside the haunt attempt to jump out and scare you without using any dialogue what so ever. Each character needs to have a script in order for the actors to stand out. Right now the actors appear as if they are animated props instead of living creatures that are there to frighten you.
Scare Effect-8: Being inside an actual factory that may be haunted is scary enough, but the haunt itself is icing on the cake. The Factory of Terror is a bone chilling haunt, but the actors intensity needs to be taken up a notch and there needs to be a more consistent theme used. It doesn’t make sense to have a cemetery inside of a factory or a forest with severed heads. These inconsistent themes ruin the experience. There needs to be more emphasis on acting than scenes.
Fright Value: $15 is way too high for a haunt of this quality. You are paying $1 a minute and there are few haunts that are worth that. Please make sure and print out a $1 off coupon available at
Final Stab-8:0: The Factory of Terror is a quality haunt, but there are many areas that need be worked on before it can become an incredible haunt. But if you want to have a night of fright and fun make sure and take a trip out to The Factory of Terror.