Labyrinth of Terror 2007 Review


The Labyrinth of Terror-“Canton’s Haunt Favorite”
A 650,000 square foot factory stands still in the out skirts of Canton Ohio. Are you ready to experience true terror in The Factory of Terror? The first haunt we visited at the old haunted factory was The Labyrinth of Terror and for the most part we didn’t leave disappointed.

Length-9: It takes around 20 minutes to escape the madness at the Labyrinth of Terror. But there are a few too many dark mazes that effect the overall impact of the major scenes you’ll come across. Many may think that this builds up anticipation for the next room, but it has the total opposite effect on me.

Design-9: Labyrinth of Terror is themed after a cursed Egyptian temple. The walls are airbrushed to look like stone while many of its rooms coincide with a dark and narrow labyrinth. While there are many detailed rooms you’ll encounter, the lighting could be improved a bit to showcase the piece of art that Labyrinth of Terror truly is. Areas that are full of expensive props are sometimes dimly lit to the point where you may pass up a prop that serves as a distraction.

Props/Animatronics-9: There is no shortage of props at The Labyrinth of Terror and a large percentage of them go well with the theme of a haunted temple. Some sights you’ll see are flying corpses, rising ghouls and much more. The addition of a massive monster prop such as Scare Factory’s Impaler would add to the score and balance out the props.

Acting-9: The actors are very enthusiastic at The Labyrinth of Terror and jump out when you least expect them. There weren’t many stand out characters, but they all made their scenes their own. I would like to see a more use of makeup on some of the characters though.

Scare Effect-9: This is a downright spooky haunt. Right when you enter the haunted factory you are greeted by intense actors and detailed decor and this is just the queue line. Once you enter the Labyrinth of Terror you are immersed into an ancient temple inhabited by creatures from beyond.

Fright Value: $10 is a deal for a haunt that is so detailed and really sticks to a theme. If you are in the Canton, OH area make sure and give Factory of Terror a visit.

Final Stab-9.0: The Labyrinth of Terror is a unique haunt and the terror begins when you first enter the factory. While not man