Face Your Fears 2014 Review

Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror (Springfield, OH)
“Death Guards the Doors of Doom”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

Lightning strikes and rain comes down as Grim Reapers guard the entrance of a spooky hotel. The wind howls and the moon is barely visible. We’re tempted to take a peak inside to see if this place is really haunted, but will we have the courage?

We enter the hotel lobby where a young girl wears a skull mask and there’s a ghoul standing behind her. We must enter an elevator and press a button. The calming sound of music plays before all hell breaks loose. We press button 3 and suddenly the elevator begins to move violently. There’s nowhere to go and there’s nothing we can do until this hellish ride comes to a halt.

We survived and we were ready to explore Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror. This high startle haunt is in its third year of operation, but you would swear it’s been around forever based on its level of design. You’re going to feel like you’re entering an old hotel. The bar has been stocked full of liquor and the bartender has a way of dealing with his customers. Watch your head or you might lose it.

A man has been a little late on his rent. He’ll ultimately pay with a fast and painful death courtesy of a shotgun blast. This hotel is full of unusual customers and be sure to watch out for demons. An exorcism is being performed tonight and you might become possessed. Face Your Fears is full of unfortunate victims. A young woman lays helpless on a table as a large machete rips her to shreds. The only way out of Face Your Fears is suicide. A man hangs from the ceiling as he thrashes in pain.

Be careful as you venture outside because monsters and creatures of the unknown are lurking. Those scarecrows are looking awful lively. Are you sure that you want to walk past those hanging body bags? The vortex tunnel opens up a portal to another world. Flight of the Bumblebee plays as you become dizzy from the constant spinning.

The basement is one of the most intense areas of Face Your Fears because it’s dark and very creepy. You’ll meet one of the most infamous horror movie killers and you’re going to be running in fear. We were out of the haunt in about 16 minutes. The outside maze can be a little confusing at times. This section of the haunt isn’t as impressive as the inside, but it’s still somewhat intense.

We were pleasantly surprised by Face Your Fears since we didn’t know what to expect. This is a hidden gem of a haunt that plans to expand in the future. We absolutely loved the outside of the haunt. The building is illuminated with blue and red lighting which gives it a spooky glow. The acting is good and they have one of the most intense Hellevators around. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for this haunt. It’s a very spooky experience and the tickets are only $12 a person. It’s easy to locate and you’re going to have fun while getting scared. We definitely recommend Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror.

Length-8  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.4