Face Your Fears 2022 Review

Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror (Springfield, OH)
“Twitchy’s Twisted Domain”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

What is that in the distance as the wind blows? It looks like an old hotel. Is it inhabited by ghosts and creatures of the night and do I have the courage to enter? I walk closer and closer as my palms sweat and my heart beats faster. Something just isn’t right. This old hotel is guarded by gargoyles that are ready to attack. Will I survive my journey into fear? Will I walk away in one piece or will I be torn to pieces? This is City Blood’s 2022 review of Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror in Springfield, OH.

Face Your Fears is simply one of the best haunts in the state of Ohio and one of the most intense as well. Make sure to pay the additional $2 for the touch pass where actors can get up closer and personal. You’re given a glow necklace that alerts actors that you’re fresh meat and ripe for the picking. You’ll be grabbed, pushed and separated from your group. It’s a wild and crazy ride that you won’t soon forget.

Face Your Fears is a hidden gem of a haunt. There’s tons of variety when it comes to scenes. You’ll explore the grotesque kitchen. A half man, half boar creature stands tall as he tries to kill you. The blood runs wild at Face Your Fears. A cannibal has ripped open the stomach of his latest victim as he munches on bloody guts. Some of the actors are big and intimidating. I was bit on the neck as I entered the vortex tunnel. Some crazy clown by the name of Twitchy had me on his radar and wouldn’t let me go until he had a taste. The characters you’ll come across are quite sinister. Confess your sins to a nun who won’t let you leave until you’ve been cleansed. Watch as a possessed girl contorts her body as she screams her head off.

This hotel is haunted. Books move by themselves and a portrait comes alive. I felt used and abused at Face Your Fears. I was separated from my group and thrown into a cage. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The wine cellar isn’t even a safe place to go. There’s been an infestation of rats with one that’s as big as a car. The living dead have checked in at this hotel of terror. They’re hungry and pissed off. Watch out as they bust out of the wall.

Face Your Fears not only has great eye candy, they have great sound design. You can feel the bass from the soundtrack inside the haunted lake. There are psychopaths and killers everywhere you go inside this old and dilapidated hotel that dates back to 1858. The walls are stained and falling apart. The elevator violently shakes as you hold on for dear life. A hooded serial killer wanted to chop me up and a voodoo queen grabbed a hold of my head. Watch your step as you walk through the laser swamp. Your worst nightmares are hiding and they’re waiting. This is one of those attractions where you’ll be looking around every corner. It’s very unpredictable which makes Face Your Fears so scary. I must repeat. Pay the extra $2 for the touch pass. It makes the experience much scarier. Even the chainsaw maniacs touch you with their gas-powered murder weapons.

(Sit back and relax in front of the fire pit at Face Your Fears.)

I must say that I was a little sore after I was done with Face Your Fears, but I had a great time. This haunt is quite unique in the way customers wait in line. When you arrive, you’ll purchase your ticket and wait in a virtual queue. You’ll give an employee your phone number and name and you’ll be contacted via test when it’s your time to enter. This gives you an opportunity to explore the grounds. You can get a bite to eat at the Kettle Corn Trailer that offers you guessed it, Kettle Corn and of course mini donuts. My mouth waters just thinking about it. On Saturday nights, the BBQ trailer is open for business.

The weather can be pretty chilly this time of the year. So, sit back and relax in front of their fire pit. Videos and music play on the projector screen and there are 2 photo op stations for those who want to have their picture taken. There’s plenty of Face Your Fears apparel available including T-Shirts, hoodies and more. Parking is $2. General admission is $20, Fast Pass is $30, VIP $40 (Touch Pass included) and the Touch Pass is an additional $2. We were in and out in 17 minutes, but it could be longer depending on your interaction with the various characters.

Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror never fails to impress us. It’s one of the most intense haunts you’ll come across and it’s just al plain fun. It’s a spooky good time for sure. Will you become fresh meat at this classic haunt?

Length-8 Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 8.8