Face Your Fears 2023 Review

Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror (Springfield, OH)
“A Trip Through Hell and Back”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Skeletons climb an old mysterious hotel built in the 1800s. It’s guarded by demonic gargoyles. A massive tree surrounds the property. Are you brave enough to enter through its haunted doors? Face Your Fears is one of the scariest haunts in the state of Ohio. You’re going to be on the edge of your seat the entire time. We highly recommend that you purchase a Touch Pass since the experience is much more intense when the actors can be physical.

Your path through fear is filled with darkness and challenges. The characters you’ll meet are truly terrifying. Be cautious of where you tread, or else you may become their next prey. I was pushed, yelled at, and subjected to more horrifying experiences. The voodoo queen seized my head and bestowed a blessing upon me. With a cross drawn on my forehead, she declared, “Your soul belongs to me.”

The basement is one of spookiest areas of Face Your Fears. You never know what you’re going to witness. In the basement, I had a ghoul grab my hand and place it inside of a bloody corpse. The final scene is downright disgusting. Watch as a man is cut in half by a chainsaw. There are plenty of chainsaws at Face Your Fears and they’ll be rubbed against your skin.

This is a detailed haunt with scenes that are sure to wet your sick appetite. Walk past a giant mutant rat that’s very hungry. You better be on the lookout or you’ll be his next snack. The green swamp is home to an unknown creature that will pop up and scare you to death. There are plenty of hair raising rooms including the bedroom full of nuns and the possessed, the crypt, a tool shed, wine cellar and more. This isn’t a low budget haunt. You’ll see plenty of animated scares. My favorite were the zombies that bust out of the wall. The vortex tunnel is one of the best around. In the background the song You Spin Me Around By Dead or Alive played.

The actors are excellent and you’re not going to hear a character say “Get Out” or “Where are you going”. They’re up close and personal and they want to tear you to shreds. The killer clown had us climbing underneath her legs as we tried to make it out alive inside of the vortex tunnel. This is a downright bone chilling haunt and you’re in for a wild ride. The elevator is no longer in operation. We understand that it was shutdown to help with the flow of traffic, but we still miss it.

We have very few complaints when it comes to Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror. This is one of our favorite haunts for a reason. It’s nerve wrecking, detailed and loads of fun. The costumes, makeup and masks are on point and the monsters will have you running for your life. Total tour time was 20 minutes. I was separated from my group and placed in a cage like a dog which added to the length of the attraction.

Tickets are $20 per victim, I mean person. A Fast Pass is $30 and VIP is $40. VIP includes the touch pass. The touch pass is $2 extra if you’re not purchasing a VIP ticket. We highly recommend the Touch Pass since it’s going to be a much more interactive experience. Parking is $2 and it benefits Ohio Wild Baseball. Face Your Fears uses what’s called a virtual queue. Before entering the haunt, you’ll give an employee your phone number. When it’s your turn, you’ll receive a text message before entering the queue line. We were in line number one. This virtual queue gives you a chance to explore the grounds.

There are various concessions available such as french fries, chicken tenders, chili cheese fries, soda and more. Face Your Fears merchandise (T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.) is available in the merchandise building. Have your picture drawn by Caricatures & Face Painting by Jason Hay & Quality Entertainers and don’t forget to get your picture taken at the photo op station featuring a zombie with an axe in his head. There are some frightful queue line characters and a menacing scarecrow tied to a cross. It can get chilly on a crisp fall night and Face Your Fears has a large fire pit you can sit around to warm your bones. You know that you made it to your destination when you see a bus and lit sign with both saying Face Your Fears.

Face Your Fears: Hotel of Terror is a true gem of a haunt. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and then some. It’s better than ever and it’s a real treat.

Length-9 Design-9 Props-9 Acting-9 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 9.0