Dungeons of Delhi 2007 Review

Dungeons of Delhi-“A Traditionally Scary Haunt”

Dungeons of Delhi comes back later in the season and with a new ticket price of $6. As we walked down the sidewalk to pay for our tickets we could see a flashing morgue and that got us excited. Maybe this year Dungeons of Delhi would be totally different and be more intense than previous years. Let’s find out!

Length-7: It will take you 10-15 minutes to walk through Dungeons of Delhi. There are tons of actors that occupy the various scenes and there are hardly any dead spots.
Design-8: Even though the rooms haven’t changed much from last year, they are as good as ever. Scenes include a graveyard, monster garage, Frankenstein Laboratory, body bag hallway and classic rooms you’ve come to expect from Dungeons of Delhi. There are a variety of mixed themes throughout the Cincinnati favorite, but I would like to see this haunt follow one central theme. One thing that Dungeons of Delhi does better than many haunts in the Cincinnati area is their lighting. Scenes glow with fluorescent colors and every scene and room can easily be seen in full detail.
Props/Animatronics-7: Dungeons of Delhi has some great traditional scenes and some great props that compliment those scenes. You’ll even see an animatronic or two. Props include hanging body bags, glowing barrels, old tombstones and even an electrocution chair. Considering their budget, they have a pretty impressive variety of props.
Acting-6: Dungeons of Delhi is full of enthusiastic actors, but the majority are fairly young. Considering that this is a charity haunt, that is very understandable. But the problem with child actors is that they sometimes are over enthusiastic in trying to scare you and it ends up ruining a scene instead of being scary. Due to actors such as Damien Reaper and Fatso the Clown moving to The Dent School House, the acting has suffered a little this year. I would like to see the young actors be used more as props or victims in scenes and really showcase the skills of the older adults.
Scare Effect-6: This is one of those haunts that is very well layed out and some of the scenes and rooms are sure to scare anyone who isn’t used to haunted houses. But due to the young actors, there aren’t enough scenes that will have you jumping. Dungeons of Delhi needs to be seriously renovated and follow one central theme and storyline. This would raise the level of scares in the haunt to another level.
Fright Value: $6 is a deal for this classic haunt that has become a tradition for many in the Cincinnati area. You’re not going to find a better deal anywhere.
Final Stab-6.8: Dungeons of Delhi returns with more young actors and a new ticket price. This is a great haunt to bring your family and friends to.