Dungeons of Delhi 2013 Review

Dungeons of Delhi (Cincinnati, OH)
“Demon Babies and Deadly Gas”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

There are caskets and tombstones that decorate a path. A hearse is parked out front, but where is the driver? It’s very quiet except for the sound of music being played in the distance. There’s not a cloud in the sky and something doesn’t seem right. As we get closer, we notice something. A large crowd is gathered underneath a roof waiting in line, but for what? A blood thirsty vampire is perched above the crowd and he’s ready to attack. Scary music plays in the background as a pumpkin creature is seen near a warm bonfire. Costumed characters roam the parking lot scaring the life out of customers who are brave enough to enter this year’s Dungeons of Delhi. It’s their 20th year of fear.

Go to the black line and listen up. You will form a single file line.  A freak plague has infected Dungeons of Delhi tonight. Your mission is to find a cure. If you succeed then you will go on with your pathetic life. If you fail then you will be brutally beaten down. You’ll be hanged by your eye lids while you bleed all over the floor.

Dungeons of Delhi’s new introduction sets the stage for a more intense and creative haunt. Matt Mateikat plays Madd Matt, a crazed killer in a post apocalyptic world where a plague has been released. The room is full of poisonous gas and you better get out before you’re infected. Get ready to experience things you’ve only seen in your worst nightmares.

Dungeons of Delhi has a volunteer staff, but they all bring something special to the haunt. There’s actors who play the victim role while others play the aggressor and try to intimidate customers. Over the years Dungeons of Delhi has improved their makeup and costuming. One of the newest characters is Zendar who can be seen interacting with customers outside. He’s a large creature with razor sharp teeth, long black hair, and a very unique costume you have to see for yourself. His costume kind of reminds us of last year’s Warlox character. Satan has brand new makeup. His face is pale white and his mouth has been sewn shut. 666 has been written across his forehead.

Dungeons of Delhi has created some great effects for the 2013 season. You’ve been invited to witness a live birth. A naked woman has given birth to a mutant baby from the pits of hell. She screams out in horror as a two headed baby is born. I would have to say that I’ve never seen anything quite like this at a haunted attraction. It’s shocking, funny and down right nasty. There are a few haunts that feature a live birth, but nothing to this extent.

Dungeons of  Delhi has two floors of terror with many detailed scenes and some scary actors. You’ll enter a haunted nursery, laboratory, a toxic dump, the hall of words, a vampire’s lair and more. We appreciated the clown that threw a barrel in front of the entrance to the Vortex Tunnel. We weren’t expecting that.

Unfortunately, there were a few instances where a couple scenes didn’t have any actors. We walked past what looked like a hillbilly shack, but no one was there and nothing happened. The actor with a chainsaw in the final room didn’t chase us until we made it out of the haunt. For the most part, the acting was good. A few of the actors screamed more than anything, but this wasn’t the case with all the characters at Dungeons of Delhi. Jerry Wessler plays New Blood. He’s a ravenous vampire who wants to eat your flesh and suck your blood. He’s the director of operations at Dungeons of Delhi and one of the best vampires we’ve seen anywhere.

Dungeons of Delhi is 15 minutes long and one of our favorite haunts in the Greater Cincinnati area. I was creeped out by the zombie horde. There are many scenes that will freak people out including the new Evil Dead scene. It’s only $10 a ticket which makes it one of the cheapest haunts in the area. Bring a canned good and get $2 off admission. You can reenter the haunt for $5. Lights on Tours are every Friday and Saturday from 4:30-6:00 pm. Tickets are only three bucks. All proceeds from the haunt go towards the Police Explorers and the Anderson Ferry Food Bank. The Delhi Police Explorers help teenagers experience a first-hand look at law enforcement careers. Be sure to visit the Cheeky Meat Pies trailer when you leave. They sell hardy and savory pies that are to die for. Go to www.cheekypies.com for more information.

Length-8  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 7.8