Dungeons of Delhi 2009 Review


(Please note that this picture was taken during the 2008 season.)
Dungeons of Delhi-“2 Frightful Floors of Fear”

Dungeons of Delhi is a classic haunt that has become a tradition for haunt goers in Cincinnati, OH. It’s fun, cheap and has something everyone will enjoy. When I first heard that the top floor was going to be used this year I expected some new scenes similar to what I’ve experience in the past, but I’m just blown away by all the huge improvements that have been made. If you are a long time visitor of this haunt you’ll have a huge smile on your face after you exit. This is new year for Dungeons of Delhi and a new and improved haunt.
Length-8: Your tour through Dungeons of Delhi will take around 15 minutes to complete. The top floor is now being used and there are many new and exciting scenes that you will enjoy.
Design-8: 2009 is the biggest year for Dungeons of Delhi in terms of change. For years you would have to exit out of the door next the steps on the first floor, but now you will be able to travel to the top floor where many new scenes have been added to this well known Cincinnati haunt. But many new changes have also been implemented on the first section of Dungeons of Delhi.
Rooms you will experience are a Saw Acid Bath Room, A Michael Myers Victims scene, a walk through cave, a mad scientist’s laboratory, a haunted playroom, Jason Vorhees woods and so many haunting rooms that I can’t name them all in one review. You will be shocked at all the changes that have been made this year. Dungeons of Delhi is new and improved and hopefully next year they will be able to expand and use all of IGA which has been vacant for years.
Props/Animatronics-8: With all the new rooms that have been added to Dungeons of Delhi you are going to see many new props that fill various scenes. One prop that many local charity haunts have been using for years is a the classic vortex tunnel and finally Dungeons of Delhi has created their very own which rivals any you’ll experience in the tri state area. Dungeons of Delhi doesn’t use the latest in high tech scares, but the decor you will see is pretty impressive considering the small budget this haunt has to deal with. Props include an animated granny in a rocking chair, a vortex tunnel, lab equipment, coffins and more.
Acting-8: The majority of charity haunts in the united states rely on volunteers to be play different roles in the haunt and this is no different for Dungeons of Delhi. But with the addition of a brand new floor full of scenes adds new characters and this applies to the first floor also. One of the most surprising performances of the night comes from Jason Vorhees himself. Most haunts that have a Friday the 13th themed room aren’t drastically different from one another, but Dungeons of Delhi adds a new twist to the character Jason.
Upon entering Crystal Lake you will be stalked by Jason and when you think it’s over He suddenly rips his mask off to reveal his zombified face. Yes, it’s just a different mask used for Jason, but it’s surprising none the less. There are many new characters that roam the dark corridors of Dungeons of Delhi from twisted girls who haunt a playroom to a poor soul who is shoved in a furnace as He twitches in pain. When more adult actors are used for big scenes and children play just victims, the acting will easily get a 9.
Scare Effect-8: Dungeons of Delhi can be a little creepy with some scenes I didn’t expect. If you love traditional rooms like Frankenstein’s Laboratory or scenes from movies like Saw or Friday The 13th then there is going to be something at Dungeons of Delhi that will startle you.
Customer Service: Dungeons of Delhi is very easy to find because of its large sign across the windows of IGA and the hearse in front of the building. Parking is absolutely free and safe. There are plenty of concessions available such as hot chocolate and tasty treats. The staff is very friendly and laid back. You will feel right at home at Dungeons of Delhi.
Fright Value: $6 is an incredible price for a haunt that lasts 15 minutes and has changed so much that it’s hardly recognizable. Plus if you bring a canned good you will receive a $1 off admission and if you want to re enter the haunt it’s only $3. Dungeons of Delhi is the best bang for your buck in the Cincinnati area.
Final Stab-8.0: It’s simply amazing how much Dungeons of Delhi has added to the haunt since the end of the 2008 season. Instead of an experience lasting under 10 minutes it’s now around a 15 minute haunt. It’s obvious that the staff has put endless hours into improving Dungeons of Delhi and it will be interesting how it advances from year to year. If you are in the area or are just looking for a good haunt at a reasonable price, then head down to Dungeons of Delhi. It’s one of the best haunts Cincinnati has to offer.