Dungeons of Delhi 2008 Review

We arrived on a Sunday night and shockingly there wasn’t a crowd. But we were still ready to be frightened by some of the actors and scenes that are in the annual classic haunt, Dungeons of Delhi.
Length-7: Your tour through Dungeons of Delhi will take 10 minutes to complete. There are a variety of scenes and rooms with very few dead spots in between.
Design-7: Dungeons of Delhi has some of the best lighting in the Cincinnati area. Scenes are well lit, but are traditional in every sense of the word. While it’s a good idea to try and please your customers with a variety of rooms, there needs to be consistent theme used throughout the haunt. Walking into a vampire scene one minute and then a Michael Myers Victim’s room a couple minutes later doesn’t make much sense. The scenes need to seamlessly flow together to create a story that makes sense. Scenes you’ll experience are Frankenstein’s Lab, Hannibal’s Cell, the haunted cemetery, Monster Garage and much much more.
Props/Animatronics-7: Rooms are full of decor and haunting props. Surprising there are also a few animated scares such as the classic electric chair and even a victim who rises from the dead. It’s obvious that Dungeons of Delhi has been around for many years because the rooms are over flowing with props that enhance scenes and overall make it a more frightening experience.
Acting-7: Most charity haunts in America can’t afford to pay actors, so they use volunteers to play various roles. While this is a great way to save money, it also creates a problem. The majority of people who volunteer for these roles are children and everyone knows that small children aren’t intimidating the least bit. Dungeons of Delhi has added a few more adult actors this year, but the staff is still primarily made up of child actors.
Some of the scenes may be great, but the characters in them have high pitched voices, overact, and just seem to do it to have fun and are not out to create a convincing character. There isn’t really much you can do about it since the actors are volunteers, so you get what you get. But for the most part the actors are well hidden, enthusiastic and compliment their scenes.
Scare Effect-7: Dungeons of Delhi has so much potential, but isn’t using it fully. Horror movie themed rooms aren’t cutting it anymore and are just falling flat in scares. There needs to be a consistent theme throughout that creates a story that slowly progresses from scene to scene. This would create a much more realistic experience.
Fright Value: Where else can you have 10 minutes of frightful fun for the low price of $6? While many haunts increase there admission every year, Dungeons of Delhi lowers their ticket price. You won’t find a better deal anywhere this Halloween season.
Final Stab-7:0: Dungeons of Delhi is one of those haunts that you’ve grown up loving. But over the years nothing has drastically changed. This haunt needs to be overhauled in a big way so it can be sure that it will be around for the future.