Dungeons of Delhi 2010 Review

Dungeons of Delhi-“Movies, Mayhem and More”

Genre: Haunted House
Location: 362 Anderson Ferry Road
Cincinnati, OH 45238
Runtime: 15 min
Website: www.dungeonsofdelhi.com

Dungeons of Delhi has become a tradition for many families over the years looking for some fun Halloween entertainment. The weather was perfect the night we visited and wasn’t too cold. When I arrived at Dungeons of Delhi I saw the guys from Dent Schoolhouse and Randall from House of Doom was there also taking a tour of the haunt.
Would Dungeons of Delhi dissapoint or would it be a haunting good time? This is City Blood’s review of Dungeons of Delhi.
What’s Good About The Haunt?
Dungeons of Delhi is one of those haunts you can bring the entire family to without having to put your child through therapy. There are many themed rooms that will appeal to many people. This inlcudes The Bates Motel, Monster Garage, Monster Mart, bodybag room, a bone chilling graveyard, slaughter house, twisted hospital, a few masouleums, haunted laboratory, Jason’s woods and a variety of scenes that are great fun. My personal favorite is the Saw torture room. The pint sized jigsaw riding on a small bike is very creepy and looks like He was taken straight out of Saw.
Even though Dungeons of Delhi is a charity haunt doesn’t mean that they lack eye catching decor. Everything from a rocking chair grandma to a spinning vortex tunnel can be experienced at Dungeons of Delhi. The props blend perfectly with scenes and the lighting is some of the best in cincinnati. When it comes down to it Dungeons of Delhi is a perfect blend of eye catching decor and entertaining rooms.
What’s Bad About The Haunt?
Dungeons of Delhi is a fun haunt, but there are too many child actors roaming around. They are enthusiastic, but aren’t as scary as they could be. Quite a few times I could see an actor hiding behind a sheet or hiding behind a corner. But overall the majority of the cast is very good. There are just a few child actors that need a little more training in order to be as good as their adult counterparts. A few things were also not working properly. This is the case with the animated electric chair. It was animated, but there isn’t any lighting to light up the inmate.
While walking through the haunt I noticed that there were a few areas that had steps that you could easily trip and fall over. This should be fixed before someone accidentally gets hurt.
Customer Service:
If you are hungry or thirsty you are in luck. Make sure and purchase a tasty treat at their concession tent. Dungeons of Delhi has great customer service.
$8 is very reasonable for a fun haunt like Dungeons of Delhi. Don’t forget to bring a canned good for $1 off admission. If you enjoy Dungeons of Delhi enough, you may want to re-enter for only $4. You can’t beat that deal.
Final Thoughts:
Dungeons of Delhi is a fun haunt that embodies the spirit of the season. While the price has increased $2, it’s still worth the price of admission for the entertainment you get out of it. If you are in the Cincinnati area, visit Dungeons of Delhi and become a corpse in the Monster Garage.
Length-8     Design-8    Props/Animatronics-8     Acting-7    Scare Effect-7
Official Score – 7.6
Fun Facts:
*Some of the props from this year’s Dungeons of Delhi were donated by The Dent Schoolhouse.