The Devils Attic 2010 Review

The Devils Attic-“Hell on Earth”
Genre: Haunted House
Location:  9103 Galene Dr
Louisville, KY 
Runtime: 10 min
The Devils Attic is a brand new haunt in Louisville, Kentucky and for a first year haunt it’s pretty impressivein its own right. When we first arrived we noticed an actor wearing a large Gore Galore Costume which resembled the Devil face in The Devils Attic logo. We would soon learn that their logo is modeled after a prop which can be seen in the very first room of the haunt.
Another actor wore a Creature Reacher costume and resembled some type of human pumpkin hybrid. We were excited to experience The Devils Attic for the very first time. So we got our tickets and we’re ready for whatever lied ahead of us.
This is City Blood’s review of The Devils Attic.
What’s Good About The Haunt?
The Devils Attic is a quality attraction that can easily compete with some veteran haunts in Louisville that have been around for a few years. We honestly didn’t know what to expect with this haunt since haunts that take place inside a shopping center or mall are very unpredictable. Some look as if they were put together at the last second while there are other haunts that are just incredible.
Once we stepped inside The Devils Attic, we were quite impressed. The first scene has you coming face to face with the prince of Darkness who introduces himself and explains what you are about to experience in The Devils Attic. The actor portraying Santan never came out of character and was very believable. The entire cast of The Devils Attic are intense beyond belief. You’ll encounter characters from the movie Hellraiser, sick and twisted lunatics and much more.
Scenes include a haunted morgue, a hospital room with a corpse spraying blood, a Saw hidden doorway scene, the Devil’s Lair, various dungeons and catacombs and a variety of scenes that will have running to your mother. The Devils Attic doesn’t follow an exact theme, but the majority of the rooms are sadistic and what you would find in the mind of the Devil.
For a first year haunt, the lighting at The Devils Attic is pretty dynamic.You’ll notice that many scenes use LED mini spotlights. LED lights use less electricity while being more vidid than your traditional lighting. They can also easily be hidden in scenes.
Overall The Devils Attic has a lot of possitive qualities that you look for in a great Haunted House.
What’s Bad About The Haunt?
The biggest downfall of The Devils Attic is its length. The haunt is well designed, but it just doesn’t last long enough. The Devils Attic lasts around 10 minutes and for $15 it’s not that great of a value. That’s more than a dollar a minute. Hopefully next year the admission price is a little more reasonable.
Customer Service:
There’s plenty of spots available in the shopping mall parking lot and the haunt is very easy to find among the stores. Unfortunately there are no concessions available after you exit. So if you are looking to grab a bite to eat you’ll need to look somewhere else such as the nearby Little Caesars. Exiting the haunt can also be a task since you have to walk a while before you are back to the parking lot. Sadly this can’t be avoided because of where the haunt is located.
Final Thoughts:
For a first year haunt, The Devils Attic has done a great job and has a bright future in Louisville. Hopefully more people come out to visit this quality attraction because it’s as good or better than some haunts in Louisville. So if you are in Louisville, Kentucky make sure and visit The Devils Attic where you’ll experience “Hell on Earth”.
Length-7     Design-8     Props/Animatronics-7     Acting-8     Scare Effect-8
Official Score – 7.6
Fun Facts:
*Owner Jason Besemann has been a magician for many years (since the age of 12 both professionally and as a hobbie). He has tried to effectively incorporate mis direction in each of the scares in The Devils Attic.
*The logo was designed and hand drawn by Jason Besemann’s brother …Dark Elf Productions.