The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)
“The Devil’s In The Details”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Devil’s Attic is one of Louisville’s scariest haunts with some of the best horror movie reenactments you’re going to see. Your trip through fear begins with a confrontation with the devil himself. From there you’ll meet famous horror movie icons and monsters that can be seen in nightmares.

There’s been an invasion of vampires who want to feast on your blood. Watch out for these seductresses. A man screams out in agony as he’s locked up in a cage. They fear that he might become a werewolf. A werewolf appears out of nowhere ready to attack. Scenes like this are abundant at The Devil’s Attic. Victor Frankenstein has a surprise for guests who enter his laboratory. His experiment known as Adam is reanimated and wants to kill you.

This is a very detailed haunt with great lighting and sound design. Scenes have a nightmarish glow to them. It’s a sensory overload at The Devil’s Attic. One of our personal favorite scenes is the laser swamp. Get lost in the fog. Anything might be hiding. An expanded Texas Chain Saw Massacre Scene has been added to the haunt. It’s like stepping foot onto the set of the 1974 classic from Tobe Hooper. Other classic horror movies include Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Saw and many others. Even the legend of Bloody Mary is present at The Devil’s Attic.

The Human Centipede room was gross to say the least and the Pit and Pendulum recreation will have you soaking wet. The Devil’s Attic has some of the best makeup we’ve seen all season. The character of the night goes to Medusa. Don’t stare or you might turn into stone. The priest in the Exorcist bedroom also did a great job in exercising the demons out of us. An animatronic has replaced the actress. We thought the scene was more effective with the actress, but understand that the role was very hard to fill. The Devil’s Attic is full of delicious eye candy from a massive goat head that will eat you up to a CGI ghost. This is an impressive haunt to say the least with little to complain about.

Total tour time was close to 15 minutes which is longer than usual. Tickets are $24 and a Speed Pass is $32. Click here to sign up for $2 off admission or bring in 2 canned goods for Kentucky Harvest for $2 off. There are concessions available such as The Devil’s Attic apparel, drink koozies and more. Don’t forget to pick up your group photo. The Devil’s Attic is one of our favorite haunts and for good reason. The acting is phenomenal, the makeup is some of the best, the scenes are highly detailed and it’s just a scary good time.

Length-8 Design-9 Props/Animatronics-9 Acting-9 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 8.8