The Devil’s Attic 2018 Review

The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)
“The Devil’s In The Details”
By Noah Wullkotte:

It was a dark and stormy night with heavy rain and plenty of thunder. A large crowd was gathered around a place called The Devil’s Attic. Did I have the courage to enter or would I turn around? This is City Blood’s review of The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, KY. Live the nightmare!

Louisville, Kentucky is full of just about any type of haunt you could imagine and The Devil’s Attic is one of the best. The Devil’s Attic is a very detailed haunt. It’s like stepping foot onto a horror movie set and you play the role of the victim. This is an incredible haunt with rooms that are centered around modern and classic horror movies. You’ll begin your journey into hell by meeting Beelzebub also known as The Devil. He likes to raise a little hell and loves to collect souls. Will you become part of his collection?

Many of the scenes are quite convincing because of the impressive lighting. The vast majority of the sets are illuminated with LED spotlights. Rooms have a spooky glow to them. You’ll very rarely see a scene that doesn’t have a frightening prop or a character that would strike fear into the bravest of souls. There are some impressive props which include a massive goat head that tries to eat you alive and a very unique monster found in Frankenstein’s laboratory. One of my favorite special effects can be seen in the Exorcist room. Before you enter the bedroom scene, you’ll see an image of the demon Pazuzu appear right in front of your eyes. After that, all hell breaks loose as you walk past Regan who’s been possessed by the malevolent demon. She can be seen thrashing around on a bed as a priest attempts to drive the demon out of her.

The actors are phenomenal at The Devil’s Attic and the costumes are some of the best I’ve seen. The actress who plays The Angry Princess from the Thirteen Ghosts remake is quite intimidating. She wears a nude body suit as she demands to know if she’s beautiful. You’ll encounter some very scary characters. There are vampires, werewolves, cenobites from the movie Hellraiser and much more. There are plenty of horror movie inspired scenes, but The Devil’s Attic makes them feel fresh and new.

There are many jaw dropping scenes at The Devil’s Attic and you’ll meet your favorite horror movie icons from the past and present. Ash from The Evil Dead is ready to tear some deadites apart and don’t you dare say Blood Mary 3 times in the mirror. Trust me when I say that you don’t want her to show up. The Pit and the pendulum torture chamber is quite intense and if you’re not careful then you might get wet. This is a haunt that doesn’t hold back and the actors are some of the best around. There wasn’t a single actor that broke character and they’ll definitely make you jump out of your skin.

There are lesser known horror movies you’ll experience at The Devil’s Attic. This includes the 2012 remake of the movie Maniac. This is a quite creepy scene involving mannequins wearing bloody scalps and there’s one crazy actress. We appreciate the fact that The Devil’s Attic doesn’t go too heavy on the chainsaws. The less chainsaws you see, the more effective they are.

There are a few additions this season as well. The standout is of course the new laser swamp. It’s not a massive scene, but it feels larger than it is because of the green laser lights and thick fog. I actually got lost. If I had one complaint about The Devil’s Attic, it would be that I wish it lasted a little longer. Total tour time is around 14 minutes, but time varies depending on how lost you get in the Saw maze and your interaction with the various monsters and madmen.

The Devil’s Attic is a hidden gem in the haunt industry and it has set design that’s theme park quality. Its dedicated cast of characters is what makes the haunt truly shine. Tickets are $20 a piece and a Speedpass to skip the line is $25. I was shocked to see how many people didn’t choose the Speedpass which was only $5 more. My time is worth more than five extra dollars. Click here to sign up for a $2 off coupon and free stuff. There are concessions available. This includes T-Shirts, drink coozies, food and more. We also noticed discounts for Halloween stores such as Spirit Halloween. You can even get your group photo taken and there’s usually some creepy horror movie playing on their movie screen.

On certain nights The Devil’s Attic features an outdoor show starring The Devil and there are actors who can be seen on a nightly basis walking around waiting to attack. Don’t forget that their Chaos event takes place on Sunday, October 21st and Sunday, October 28th. That night the haunt is extreme and full contact. You will be grabbed, bitten, licked and violated. You must be 18 or older and you’re required to sign a waiver. General admission is $25 and a Speedpass is $30.

The Devil’s Attic is a frightening experience that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go until the bitter end. This has always been one of our favorite haunts and it’s one you need to checkout. The Devil wants to add your soul to his collection. Will you let him and will you survive The Devil’s Attic?

Length-8  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.8