The Devil’s Attic 2013 Review

The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)

“Souls Are For Sale”

By Noah Wullkotte:

The Devil’s Attic is one of Louisville’s Premier haunted attractions. Inside an old brick building is a house of horrors of unspeakable atrocities. Some of your favorite horror movies come out to play at The Devil’s Attic and they welcome you to their twisted world.

People wait in line while they’re treated to a show featuring Satan and Orlock. Satan is hungry and he’s looking for his next meal. He loves the taste of flesh and is determined to fill his belly. The pre-show is something to watch while you’re waiting in line. It’s fun, but could be better. The Devil’s Attic is a 12 minute haunt, but feels longer because of the amount of scenes you’ll experience. The first room features the Devil himself. He goes in detail about the haunt’s storyline and welcomes you to The Devil’s Attic. The following are words spoken by the prince of darkness.

Since before the dawn of recorded time when humans first crawled from the slime, I harvested all the evil souls. With punishments with harsh strident I poked and prodded them with my trident and roasted them all over beds of burning coals. But here I store my top selection most wicked in all of my collection. On display in an amount of glory they wait to leash their hellish fury. So step inside my house of horrors, witness all the pain and sorrows and feel the wrath and vengeance of the damned.

The Devil’s Attic is an extremely detailed haunt and the lighting is superb. Many scenes use LED Lighting to save on electricity and to highlight details. There are plenty of scenes that focus on horror flicks. Dr. Frankenstein’s lab is dark and electrifying. You’ll meet Frankenstein’s Monster in a very unique way. The Devil’s Attic uses contortionists in The Exorcist and The Ring scene. The Exorcist scene is quite bloody and the priest and possessed girl are very convincing. You would swear that you just walked in on a real life exorcism and were being cast off into hell.

You’ll meet some iconic characters like Pumpkin Head, Pinhead, the Wolfman, Leatherface and many ghouls and creatures from beyond the grave. I was able to easily locate the exit for the Saw Maze the first time, but I think I was just lucky. The Thirteen Ghosts room is pretty intense. You’ll meet the Angry Princess who wears a body suit to makes it look like she’s nude. You’ll also meet The Jackal. He’s a sick freak with an insatiable appetite for prostitutes. He committed himself to an insane asylum and has been permanently bound to a straight jacket. He wears a cage over his head for your protection.

There haven’t been huge changes made to this year’s Devil’s Attic, but it’s a very scary haunt with lots of detail. We appreciate how The Devil’s Attic works with other haunts to help promote each other. After you’re done touring the haunt, be sure to get a bite to eat at the concessions trailer. The hot dogs are pretty good.

Don’t forget to get your picture taken by 502 Photos before you leave. There are many backdrops you can choose from. We chose the Frankenstein Laboratory scene. 1 photo is $10 and 2 photos are $15. Tickets for the haunt are $15 a piece. Purchase a speed pass for $22. This allows you to bypass the regular line. We always have a wonderful time at The Devil’s Attic. You’ll been in and out in 12 minutes. But as I said before, it feels much longer than that. It’s one of the most detailed haunts in Kentucky and one hell of a good time.

Length-7  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-9  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.0