The Devil’s Attic 2016 Review

The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)
“Meet The Devil Himself”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Vampires roam the grounds of The Devil’s Attic as a scarecrow waits to step down from his perch. An old brick building is home to a living nightmare beyond words. Are you ready to escape to a world of the unknown? This is City Blood’s review of The Devil’s Attic in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Devil’s Attic is simply one of the best haunts in the state of Kentucky. Your trip through terror beings as you meet the devil himself. This haunt is a collection of your worst fears and you’ll become part of your favorite horror movies. New this year is a creepy mannequin scene that’s straight from 2012’s Maniac remake. Watch out or you might get scalped. The Devil’s Attic has some unique effects. A pendulum slices into a victim as blood sprays all over. You might even be attacked by a massive goat head that lurks in the darkness.

The Devil’s Attic uses LED lighting to highlight detail and characters wear elaborate costumes. My favorite was the actor playing Frank Cotton. It actually looked like his skin had been ripped off just like in the movie Hellraiser. No stone is left unturned and the 13 Ghosts section even has an actress playing the Angry Princess. She wears a nude body suit and wants to tear you to shreds. Iconic horror legends like Krampus and Bloody Mary live at The Devil’s Attic. Don’t say Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror or you might end up in a body bag.

Classic horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein and even The Exorcist are center stage at The Devil’s Attic. But this is a haunt that adds little touches to make these movies shine. Before entering The Exorcist room, customers are greeted by a projected image of the demon Pazuzu. The Devil’s Attic does its best to make these scenes as real as possible and the actors can be quite intimidating. I felt like I was a pig being led to the slaughter as a cannibal licked his lips and sniffed me from head to toe.

The Devil’s Attic feels like a real cinematic experience and there wasn’t a single actor that came out of character. There’s very little to complain about. It’s obvious that those who work on The Devil’s Attic have a true passion for horror movies. This is a fun haunt with vampires, killers and unspeakable creatures. Total tour time is 12 minutes, but could be longer if you get lost in the Saw maze. General admission is $20 which is two more dollars than last year. VIP Tickets are $24 a person. Click here for a $2 off coupon.

Don’t forget to get your picture taken and to buy some Devil’s Attic memorabilia to remember your visit. The drink koozies are only two bucks. On Sunday, October 30th The Devil’s Attic goes extreme. The Event is called “CHAOS”and it’s full contact. You will be bitten, licked, dragged, and violated. You must be 18 and a waiver is required. There is a $5 upcharge which makes it $25. You can also experience the regular haunt that night for $20.

Length-7  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.6