Detention Hall 2010 Review

Detention Hall-“School Was Never So Scary.”
Genre: Haunted Maze
Location: 5963 Harrison Ave.
, OH 45248
Runtime: Under 10 min

Detention Hall is the first year The Dent Schoolhouse has added a new attraction. I was expecting a metal maze of sorts and that’s pretty much what I got. Many people will enjoy the new addition and it has its good moments.

Down the hill is a spooky building with a dimly lit sign that says Detention Hall. Old creepy images are projected on the wall in the background near the queue line as people wait to enter. An actor wearing an SPFX Sarge Mask waits by the entrance before you enter the haunted maze.

This is City Blood’s review of Detention Hall.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Detention Hall is a good addition to The Dent Schoolhouse. For only five additional dollars you can tour both The Dent Schoolhouse and Detention Hall for only $20. The maze itself can be unnerving trying to find your way out while contending with crazed freaks leading you in the wrong direction. The flash of strobe lights and light fog can be disorienting as you try to make it out alive 

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
Detention Hall is nowhere near as impressive as the main haunt “The Dent Schoolhouse”. It’s quite easy to find your way out and there’s little going on except for a few actors trying to mess with your head. The actors also need more training. While I was behind one of the actors, he turned around not knowing I was there and almost knocked me over. Detention Hall is a good attempt at a haunted maze, but improvements need to be made in order for it to be great.

Customer Service:
The staff at Detention Hall are very friendly and know exactly when to let people through. It was explained to us that the black plastic doors were emergency exits and that we shouldn’t walk through them unless it was an absolute emergency. After you are finished with Detention Hall don’t forget to visit Dent’s newly overhauled concession stand. You can get yourself some tasty grub or something refreshing to drink.

Final Thoughts:
Detention Hall is a novel idea, but needs more work. Considering that you can only enter the haunt when purchasing a $20 combo ticket, it’s a good deal for five dollars. If you are planning on touring The Dent Schoolhouse this season, be sure to purchase a combo ticket so you can experience the brand new Detention Hall.

Length-6     Design-6     Acting-5     Scare Effect-6
Official Score – 5.6

Fun Facts:
*Jasper of the duo Jasper and Jynx is played by none other than Bud Stross, co-owner of The Dent Schoolhouse.