The Dent School House 2008 Review

The Dent School House-“Uncle Charlie Says Hi”
The Dent School House is one of the oldest haunts in the state of Ohio, but always seems to have something fresh and new to keep people coming back for more. Are you ready to experience one of the best themed haunts around? This is our review of The Dent School House.

Length-9: Your tour through the haunted school house will take any where from 20-25 minutes to complete. If uncle Charlie gets you, you may be lost forever.

Design-9: The Dent School House is simply one of the most intricately designed haunts in the state of Ohio. Practically every room revolves around the haunted school house theme and the dynamic lighting showcases the amount of detail used in the sets. Some impressive scenes you’ll encounter are a bloody cafeteria, loud junk yard, the principles office, a prom night gymnasium and much more to quench your sick appetite. The Dent School House tries to create a haunt as realistic as possible and achieves that goal with ease.

Props/Animatronics-9: The decor you’ll see at The Dent School House co insides with the school house theme. Class rooms have real black boards while the prom gymnasium has an animated male and female corpse dancing the night away. Many of the props you’ll see have been purchased from Unit 70 Studios in Columbus Ohio and their detailed human figures go perfectly with how the Dent School House is designed. While there are some pretty impressive props such as the extremely popular claustrophobia chamber, they don’t overshadow other decor that seamlessly blends in with scenes.

Acting-9: The Dent School House has some of the most dedicated actors around from Damien Reaper to Bludzo The Clown. But while many of the actors are well hidden within scenes, the lines they use to scare people are constantly repeated. Numerous times I heard “You Shouldn’t Be Here” and after a while it becomes predictable in what actors were going to say. The dialogue actors use needs to be improved for this haunt to be taken to another level. You can have the greatest actors around, but if their script is terrible their scene will be terrible.

Scare Effect-9: The Dent School House is a very unnerving haunt to say the least. It’s tight turns and frightful scenes will have you peeking around the corner unsure of what lurks in the darkness. It’s dark, scary and realistic.

Fright Value: $13 is a reasonable price for a haunt of this caliber, but if you’re on a budget and are paying for a family of 4 or more it starts to add up. Make sure and print out a $3 off coupon good for select days.

Final Stab-9.0: The Dent School House is truly a special haunt that relies heavily on creepy atmosphere, a frightening history and characters you’ll only see in your worst nightmares. But if you visit this haunt annually it may be a little predictable. A new back story needs to be written and new scenes need to be created to keep this haunt staying fresh and new for years to come. By all means take the trip down to The Dent School House and experience one of the best haunts in Ohio.