The Dent Schoolhouse 2007 Review

The Dent School House-“Don’t Eat the Mystery Meat”
The weather was warm and something strange could be felt in the air. Could it be fear or the anticipation of a great night for haunts? We would drive to The Dent School House and would never be the same once we left. The classic haunt returns better than ever with a few new things thrown into the mix.

Length-10: Your tour through the old and demented school house will last around 25 minutes. There are very few spots where little to nothing is happening.
Design-9: Almost every room of The Dent School House revolves around the theme of a haunted school. Some scenes you’ll come across are a bloody cafeteria, haunted locker room, prom night auditorium, ancient crypt and much much more. There are only a couple of rooms that will take you out of the experience and one of those is the addition of the outside hill billy junk yard. While it’s entertaining it has nothing to do with the theme of a haunted school house and makes the whole haunt less convincing with the story line and theme they are trying to pull off. The amount of detail and the dynamic lighting that is incorporated in many of the haunt’s rooms is down right staggering and should be applauded.
Props/Animatronics-9: This year Dent has added many props from the company “Unit 70 Studios” and special effects from “Ghost Ride Productions”. While the classic props such as the swaying bridge have been given a more realistic feel, the new props add an extra dimension to the entire haunt. At one point on your tour you’ll be forced to enter a dark and tight claustrophobia room that will strike at anyone who has a fear of confined spaces. Some other props include a menacing clown, shaking coffins, vortex tunnel, bad betty doll, static shock panels and so much more.
Acting-9: This year Dent has gotten rid of many of the child actors who occupied many of the rooms from last year’s haunt. Classic characters return like Bludzo The Clown, Damien Reaper, Uncle Charlie, Fatso The Clown, the crazed lunatics and many more. The addition of the out door hill billy junk yard has introduced some new actors who are just waiting to feast of city folk flesh. Overall the characters are convincing and stick to lines that revolve around the haunted school house theme.
Scare Effect-9: Ever since new ownership, The Dent School House has made a 180 degree from how it used to be. Now it uses a consistent theme throughout and the new batch of actors are as insane as ever. There is something for everyone rather you have a fear of clowns, claustrophobia, gore or even electricity.
Fright Value: $12 is a great deal for a haunt that tries hard in scaring it’s customers night after night. This is not your typical haunt. It’s professionally designed, well themed and one that’s worth your hard earned money.
Final Stab-9.2: Once again The Dent School House comes back scarier than ever with a few new tricks up its sleeves. If you’re looking for a haunt that has an insane amount of detail and truly tires to immerse you with fright, then look no further then The Dent School House.