The Dent Schoolhouse 2022 Review

The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, OH)
“History Can Be Scary”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Dent Schoolhouse is one of the best haunts in the nation and every season they bring something fresh and new to the table. Get in line as Zobo the clown torments his victims while videos of The Dent Schoolhouse play on the projection screen. A friendly scarecrow will take your ticket. Get your picture taken in front of the green screen as you enter The Fall Festival. The Fall festival is decorated with carved jack-o-lanterns, plenty of scary props and many entertaining booths. The booths include Witch’s Brew, Boo Blasters, Costume Contest, Bobbing For Apples and much more. It’s a mini show before ever entering the haunt. Walk past an old school bus as you enter The Dent Schoolhouse. Will you survive the madness?

Nearly every scene is detailed after a haunted schoolhouse where school is in session. You’ll enter the Halloween Ball that’s been taken over by ghosts. The cafeteria if full of nasty delicacies that will make you lose your lunch. The carnival features mutant clowns, cotton candy cocoons and some terrifying surprises ahead. The detail is on another level. The sewer has running water and the catacombs are decorated with over 4,000 skulls and skeletal remains. Meet the massive Necromancer and a poor woman who levitates in the air. Walls are stained and falling apart and the lighting and sound design is phenomenal. If you don’t scream then you’re going to have fun. There are few places where you’ll enter a maze full of bubbles or a garbage heap made of human remains. It’s a nasty sight for sure.

The Dent Schoolhouse features some amazing props. This includes a towering Necromancer, bookshelves that move by themselves, large dolls that come alive, a teacher paddling a student’s ass, a student ramming a pencil into his skull, legless and armless creatures, and much more. One of the more surprising props is a large rat that lunges at customers as they walk past the back of a school bus.

You’ll be confronted by some very despicable characters. Meet Dr. Dent in the laboratory where he brings his crowning achievement to life. Come face to face with his experiment known as D6S. This is a very intricate scene that’s reminiscent of the classic movie Frankenstein. Another standout character is the ghoul who flies above your head. This is a very unexpected surprise and one you’ll be talking about for a long time.

The Dent Schoolhouse has been infested with large spiders, roaches and snakes. One massive boa constrictor wraps around its victim as they’re pulled up into the air. If you love Halloween then you’re in for a treat. The Halloween room can be found in Charlie’s basement and features victims who’ve had their faces carved like Jack-o’-lanterns. This is an incredibly creepy scene. You’ll be attacked by tricksters who want their candy or else. One character has a large horn that will definitely catch you off guard.

(This horrifying creation can be seen inside “The Lab of Dr. Dent” Mini Escape Room.)

The Dent Schoolhouse is a world class haunt that will take your breath away. There are scares coming from all directions and sets that would make Walt Disney jealous. The biggest addition to this year’s haunt is the new Monster Midway. It took a year to build and it replaces the haunt Queen City Slaughter Yard. After you’re done surviving The Dent Schoolhouse, you’ll enter the Monster Midway. The Monster Midway features plenty of photo op stations, ax throwing, a skeleton DJ, a jack-o’-lantern showcase, a Cincinnati Haunted House Museum, an electric chair simulator, mini escape rooms, The Spooky Shop and more. The mini escape rooms are Zobo’s Revenge, Locker Escape, Charlie’s Basement and The Lab of Dr. Dent. We tried Zobo’s Revenge and Charlie’s Revenge. We unfortunately failed miserably.

Our favorite aspect of the new Monster Midway is of course the Cincinnati Haunted House Museum. I loved seeing photos and memorabilia from haunts like The Haunted House, Night of Fright, USS Nightmare, Nightmare Estates, St. Rita’s Haunted House and others. I could have spent an hour in there. If you need a bite to eat or something to drink then you can get yourself some mini donuts, fudge and apple cider while inside the Monster Midway. The Spooky Shop offers The Dent Schoolhouse apparel, mini monsters, T-Shirts and much more. Outside of the Monster Midway you’ll find tasty treats and drinks like nachos with cheese, caramel popcorn, pumpkin cookies, candy, hot chocolate, soda and more.

Total tour time was 17 minutes. Tickets are $30 for Friday and Saturday. Thursday and Sunday it’s $25. VIP admission is $50 on Thursday and Sunday, $55 on Saturday and Sunday. Front of the Line Admission is $55 on Thursday and Sunday and $60 on Friday and Sunday. Group rates are available for 20 or more people. We recommend that you visit them on a Thursday or Sunday since it’s much less crowded. Purchase your timed tickets online so you can skip the ticket line and tickets are two dollars cheaper. Group rates are available for 20 or more people. There are special events such as a Behind the Scenes Tour, Ghost Tours, Lights On, Lights Out and A Christmas Nightmare. Prices vary. Free parking is available at Children’s Hospital down the street.

The Dent Schoolhouse never ceases to amaze me. There’s a reason that they’re constantly ranked among the best haunts in the nation by news outlets. They’re that damn good. This haunt season you owe it to yourself to check out The Dent Schoolhouse and tell them City Blood sent you.

Length-8 Design-10 Props/Animatronics-10 Acting-9 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 9.2