Damien’s MHC Journey 2016

Damien’s MHC Journey 2016
By Damien Reaper

“Have you or your family seen a spook, specter, or ghost?” -Ghostbusters

This would be my 8th MHC. I have to say that it was better than last year, but I still wish they had Scary-o-ke so haunters could sing and mingle. For the first time in many years I roomed with people, but not just any people oh no. Jim Millspaugh and Kris Sheeley asked me and our newest MAUL member Al Killpone to join them and Kris’s son Steffan so we had a place to sleep.

Plus in the Drury Inn they had free breakfast and dinner. I had 3 or 4 plates filled with good food. I rode with Mr. Killpone on the way from Cincinnati up to Columbus listening to Disturbed, David Bowie (RIP) and other jams.

Friday Night at The ScareAtourim

There was Jim, Kris, Al, Matt “Token” Godfrey, Rebecca Minges, Brett Ryan and a friend of Jim and Kris’s Jennifer Vanlandingham from Hawaii. Kelly and Neena Collins are very gracious and their whole crew was welcoming to every member of MAUL. I had the great honor of having a legendary haunt makeup artist and fellow KISS Army member Keith Newsome do my makeup.

They placed me with two young haunters. One was a little lady who was an inmate. She was a slider and Mark Newland’s son Connor was a Guard who I interacted with. He had a toy gun and I told him put it right into my forehead. He trusts me since you can’t hurt my brain if I don’t have one. We entertained many people like Crazy Bob and Beth Turner, Allen Hopps, Christina Robertson, Kathy and Barry Schiefersteain and others.

Other ScareAtorium guest actors included Amanda Reevenge, The Spookmeister, Gus Maurer, Anthony Newsome, Mike Newsome and so many others who joined together enjoying a nice night of screaming and entertainment. I give much thanks to The ScareAtorium for giving us White Castle sliders at the end of the night since it was an unexpected treat.


After a good night’s sleep, I woke up at 6:30 am and took a shower before heading down to an all you can eat breakfast. I can eat 4 to 6 plates of food as many of you know. After I was done eating, I headed down to the show floor around 9 am. My costume was a mix of previous years and basic dead man makeup.

I passed out advertisements for the Big Scary Show which Jim co-hosts with Drew Badger, Jerry Vayne and Jason Storm. But for certain reasons Jerry and Storm couldn’t make it this year. Thankfully they will return next year. Jim played a video we shot at Laura Dark’s studio which many people enjoyed. When David Hughes, Nate Deadwood, Bludzo, Ironhyde and Sally the Dolly came down, my shift was over. I would then go back to my room for a short nap and to relax. I would later return to the show floor unmasked wearing the new MAUL T-Shirt. I saw the great Troy Baldock, Dan Leopold, Kirby Hilyard and Telfore Nyte in his female doll persona giving people hugs.

I saw my old friends from The Dent Schoolhouse. This included Bud Stross, Aryn Fox, Adam “Where’s your Hallpass” Kassan, Adam Kraus, Jason Bohrer, Amber Johnson-Tedrick, Maggie Baker and others. The funniest part for me was when Jim and Bud were talking. I thought if only David Espich (original owner of The Dungeons of Delhi) was chatting with them then I would have all 3 of my bosses together.

I got a bit teary eyed thinking about it since they were responsible for 18 wonderful years I had working in the haunt industry. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, but I was a part of the beginning of all 3 having success in the haunt industry. I wish I slowed down those years so I could be in the moment and really appreciate everything.

I’m doing that with MAUL. So all you young ghouls out there need to really slow down and enjoy yourselves while sharing your special moments with others. You can hear my interview about the good ole days on the Big Scary Show, episode 108. Other people I saw that day included Bill Withonel, Sarah Ann, Wendy Hubbard Ferris, Brian Gantz, Team Zombillies Haunt Reviews, Allen Rizzo, Steve Schreibeis and Jason Ervin from USS Nightmare

The Costume Ball

We were all watching Mrs. Doubtfire in Jim’s room as we got ready. My costume would represent the the Salem Witch Trials. I would later meet up with the rest in front of the dance room. I didn’t dance to pop music since I’m a 33 year old metal head, but I did get a picture taken and hung out with members of MAUL and The Dent Schoolhouse. I saw Chuck and Michelle Stross, Jeff and Angie Wells, Brett, Becca, Kirby, Jackie & Doug Appel and Fatso.

Dan Leopold and I started our careers together at Dungeons of Delhi. We both then went to Dent and eventually MAUL. Troy Baldock is a Legend. He wore a Day of the Dead costume that night. It’s amazing to think that the 3 of us did a little podcast years ago called Corpse Cast. Those were the days. I would go to bed at 12:30 am while feeling like I just passed out. I wasn’t drunk, but I was very very tired.


I woke up at 6:30 am and I struggled to find my wallet. Thank God that it was in The Reaper costume. I would then take a shower before everyone else woke up. I can say that I was sad that the weekend went by so quickly. This article is dedicated to the victims in Orlando.

If you’re interested in traveling with MAUL in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana then please go to the website, www.maulmonsters.com. We would like to cast more actors and add more females to our group. 

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