Damien’s MHC Invasion 2014

Damien’s MHC Invasion

By Damien Reaper

Friday: Acting at The ScareATorium
I would like to dedicate this article to Sean Chamberlin who played the character Tik’ Tok. His legend lives on. This article is also dedicated to “Big Jim” Josh Gentry who worked at The Dent Schoolhouse and was simply a great guy. My good friend Amanda Reevenge did the Miss Scary Midwest Contest in honor of her friend who passed away last year.

I met up with my brother of over ten years, the Legendary Dan Leopold (aka Fatso the Clown). I would be riding with Troy Baldock who is one of Dent’s best. He’s been with the haunt before it was known as The Dent Schoolhouse. Julie Langenderfer who is known as Miss Scary Midwest 2010 joined us on our ride to MHC as well. Julie, Dan and myself will be traveling actors this year. We rocked and rolled as we listened to some rock and funk.

We arrived at the hotel around 12:30 AM and got our room keys. Then who did I happen to see, but Jeff Simmons and Amanda Reevenge. We chatted for a few minutes and then I walked to my room. Oh Lordy did I love my room. I’m not a party animal like most are. I like being social, but I didn’t drink much this year since I’m getting surgery on the 16th. I was told by the doctor to lay off the booze. I did grab some subway “Eat Flesh” before heading to The ScareATourim in Columbus, Ohio.

This year is a new era for Damien Reaper since I’ve joined the traveling group known as M.A.U.L. It’s lead by The Unknown Scare Actor and Big Scary Show host Jim Millspaugh. Jason Henry who is also part of the group couldn’t make it unfortunately. The team of Kirby Hilyard, Kris Sheeley, Zach Foster, Julie ‘Gypsy’ Candelaresi, Wendy Hubbard Ferris, Rebecca Minges and Wendy Smith joined us at The ScareATorium. Dan Leopold wanted to hang out at the hotel and Nate Deadwood would join us later.

Our goal is to travel and act at haunted houses that need extra actors. Each one of us has unique talents, characters and we are very professional at the work place. We bring fun to where ever we go. Contact Jim or Jason if you want MAUL to guest act at your haunt. We are brothers and sisters of fear, www.facebook.com/MAULActorServices. I did spend some time with Nancy Allen and Jon W. Tucker  just chatting and eating Nancy’s french fries. They are very nice people.

Boy did we have a great time at The ScareATourim. Kelly and Neena Collins, Mike, Anthony and the great Keith Newsome really made us feel at home. I played the character Blamo, who is a clown incarnation of Damien Reaper. The ScareATorium cast includes children and adults who acted very professional in my opinion. Rex B. Hamilton is one of the most professional people I know and he was also at The ScareATorium that night.

Jerry “The Haunt Rocker” Vayne, Rabid Badger, Don Patterson, Amanda Reevenge, Alan Zeus Shell, Melissa Dawn Shell and Kimberly Shell were there as well. I got into my area which was a room with toys stapled to the walls and there was even an undead moving clown. Blamo has the characteristics of The Joker and Uncle Fester rolled into one.

I would laugh and say things like, “Hey four eyes don’t touch my toys, they’re collectibles”. Then I would get back into position to scare the next group of people. I witnessed a clown jump down from the ceiling, clowns who squeaked and a ring leader who was also a shift leader. She made sure we were all safe and comfortable. The actors had so much energy and kept going and going.

I took a beating and I’m not as fast as I used to be. I know what you’re thinking. Damien, you’re only 30 years old. I add 16 years to that since haunting has aged me. My knees, feet and back hurt like that of an 80 year old man. The details in the scenes wowed me and I can’t say enough nice things about the team that The ScareATorium has. Before the buses pulled up, we had lunch meat and weiners (lol). After the show we got to enjoy some White Castle Sliders. I give my condolences to the toilet in my hotel room. I slept like a zombie that night.

Saturday: Trade Show and Masquerade Party
Saturday, I woke up, showered and ate a hamburger with mayo, tons of cat’s blood and some french flies. When I made it to the trade show, I saw Froggy’s Fog and many other great companies who sponsor MHC. I purchased Jerry Vayne’s Bodies in the Bayou while I checked out the convention. I recommend his music since it’s horror meets metal. Those are two of my favorite things. I saw Tom and Anita Sowers, Kathy and Barry Schieferstein, Scott Tater Lynd, Jackie Steinert, Mommie D, Brett Hays, Ethan Mark Turon, Allen and Glenda Rizzo and many others.

I talked to my good friend and loyal Dent crew member, Mr. Adam Kassan a lot. A Congratulations are in order since he will be getting married in September to Kristin Rochelle Jones, the love of his life. I’ll be part of his wedding party. Adam was the 1st person out of the owners at Dent that I met in 2006. I worked for The Dent Schoolhouse from 2006-2013 and they’ve become a second family. It’s like my time at Dungeons of Delhi from 1998-2006.

I have some great memories and met some great people. Bud Stross, Josh Wells and Chuck Stross are geniuses when it comes to haunting and they are very good men. When my grandma passed away in 2010, all 3 owners were there by my side, along with Dan Leopold and Andrew Becker. The owners and  their wives always made me feel like family. I’m here to say that I really appreciate everything they did for me. My leaving had nothing to do with anyone working at Dent. I gave my body, heart and soul to haunting. People call Damien Reaper an Icon and it’s time to prove it with M.A.U.L. I’m starting over with something fresh and new and making lightning strike for a 3rd time.

Later that night, I went up to my room and became Damien Reaper 6.0. My Coat was tailored by Mr. Daniel Leopold so it could hold a shovel on the back. I was the same character I portrayed in the movie Nightmares: The Damned One which is available on Youtube. The Masquerade Ball had great characters like the legendary Mr. Telfore Nyte. Telfore is one of the kindest and most down to earth people I know. He originally came from The Haunted Hydro in Fremont, Ohio and is presently with The Dent Schoolhouse. He is someone who is a genius and kooky at the same time.  He is one of those people that I will always have respect for.

I met up with M.A.U.L members Jim, Kris, Zach and Gypsy.  Julie dressed up as a Muppet which was hysterical. Dan was a monster hunter and Troy dressed as a werewolf. Granny made an appearance and is a staple at MHC. It’s funny seeing her call people names and flipping off the camera. The Spook Meister was the host for the Body Art Fashion Show, Miss Scary Midwest and The Scariest Character Contest.

Saturday Into Sunday: The Sweet Slumber and Journey Home
I saw many people from The Dent Schoolhouse there. After a while I became really sore and it felt like I was walking on broken glass. So around 10:30 PM, I walked up to my room, showered and laid in bed until about 8:00 AM. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about surgery and what I wrote about in this article. I thought about the years I worked at Dungeons of Delhi, The Dent Schoolhouse and what I’ve done so far for M.A.U.L. Without the good and bad times, Damien wouldn’t have earned the title of icon. It’s a title I have to earn.

I woke up to my alarm and Iced Earth’s The Coming Curse was playing. I packed my bag the night before, so I could drive home in a timely fashion. I checked out of my room and left with Dan, Troy and Julie. It was a sad moment and the end of a nice weekend. We walked the trade show floor one more time and chatted with a few people. We said our goodbyes and we were on our way back home. Midwest Haunters Convention 2014 shall live in my memory forever.