Damien’s Demonic MHC 2012

Damien’s Demonic MHC 2012
By Damien Reaper

Edited By Noah Wullkotte

Damnation Comes To MHC
I traveled to Columbus, OH on June 8th for the 2012 Midwest Haunters Convention and roomed with Adam Kassan (aka Addams Grimm) and Krystal Crouch (aka Gail). Adam drove and played Midnight Syndicate and other Haunted House music along the way. We met up with Dan “Fatso” Leopold, Keith “Booter” Peace, Sarah Ann, Julie “Calliope” Langenderfer, Aryn Fox, Amber Johnson-Tedrick, Charlie “Bus Driver Chuck” Geluso, Ford “Only Graves” Corleone and Troy “Nighthowler” Baldock who are all from The Dent Schoolhouse. When we ran up to our room in the Hyatt, Adam and Krystal took the beds. I slept on the floor which I didn’t mind.

The Trade Show floor was great from the hearses to all the vendors like Haunters Digest.com, Bloody Mary Make-up, Zombie Army, Von Charon Productions, etc. I saw The Big Scary Show Podcasters Jerry Vayne, Unknown Scare Actor, Rabid Badger and Storm walking around. I also Saw Mommie D, Katie Lane, Shane Rapkin, Jackie Steinert, Doug Appel, Scott Tater Lynd and Jason McCollum. I sadly didn’t buy anything. I was more worried about eating and getting drunk which didn’t happen. I also got the chance to see Noah Wullkotte of City Blood helping out at the reservation door.

Friday At Scary-oke With Some of Dent-Stars
That night I dressed as the Graveyard Disciple from 2009. I originally was going to perform Gimme by Alice Cooper, but the song wasn’t available. So, I sang Alice Cooper’s Classic Welcome to my Nightmare and performed it fairly well. I saw Chuck Stross, Josh and Leslie Wells later on that night as well as Keith, Mike, Amy and Anthony Newsome. Everyone was having a Great time. The highlight of the night was Mommy D and Granny singing together. Jason “Dr Grimm” Henry sang Guns and Roses while Maggie “Piper” Baker, Sara “The Nurse” Bolser and Andrew “The Creep” Becker from The Dent Schoolhouse sang some tunes. Julie sang a song from a musical while Keith and Dan brought some horror to The Blues Brothers’ Soul Man. Later Adam, Krystal and myself all went to the room and went to bed. Adam got us pizza that night.

Saturday I had a hard time sleeping, so I was pretty tired for the day. I went into The Behind the Make-up Panel at 5:30 pm. It was hosted by Jeff Simmons of The Haunt Actor Orginization group website. The class featured Amanda Reevenge, Scott Tater Lynn, Regina Engelhart, Brooke Engelhart and myself. I got the first question. Do you have any pre-game rituals? The answer I gave was I listen to Heavy Metal and Rock ‘n Roll music (Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian ect). I should have added that before I leave my house to go to Dent I’m watching Sponge Bob Square Pants and The Fairly Odd Parents. They’re not Horror movies, but you have to have that separation of the actor part of you and the you at home. For dinner I got two Pizzas for myself, Krystal and Adam.

Saturday Masquerade Ball

I dressed as The Priest which I’ll be this year at Dent and Krystal dressed as a zombie. I’ll call her Gail. Adam was Adam. We met up and saw The Gang and the arrival of Huff The Clown (aka Bud Stross), City Blood’s Noah and Ohio Valley Haunts’ Gary, Jim and Joanna. It was great seeing all the great costumes. We soon Met up with Chop Chop The Butcher Clown who was Hanging with Candi Oakley, Jason Ervin (The Devil) and Jean Rose from USS Nightmare.

I saw Deanna Roberts, Glen Glenmore, Ethan Mark Turon and more. I feel that it’s really cool that Bud and Josh’s parents are so supportive in their children’s lives to go to this event with us. Then I realized why they are successful with so much support behind them. I went to Chop Chop’s room with Krystal to get a Whisky and Coke which if anybody wants to buy me a drink that’s my favorite, hint hint. As 2am hit, Adam, Krystal and I went to the room and fell asleep watching Nascar.

Sunday Pack Up
Sunday, I woke up at 7am even though my Class with The Unknown Scare Actor was at 10:30 am. I enjoy not being in a rush. While Adam and Krystal were sleeping I packed my stuff and put on my “Rebirth” outfit which was a mix of old costumes, a mask and wig. I would proceed downstairs to get some breakfast at Chicken ‘n Eggs. It consisted of 3 Pancakes, a Cheese Omelet and toast which to me was the best food I had that weekend. I then went to the classroom and sat at the teacher’s table. It was a rewarding feeling knowing that people would come to listen to how you feel an actor should view themselves. I call haunt actors “Monstars”. The Unknown Scare Actor was very Interactive with our students.

I did a Speech about in-your-face-theater which if I would categorize what we do it would be called that. I remember saying to value what we do because others who aren’t involved in the haunt industry won’t. Most people go from job to job and are mindless zombies. They don’t know who they are and we as haunt actors have a healthy outlet and a community. This is something to really treasure and value. I think my Students really enjoyed our class. I would later meet up with the gang at the food court. After a little while, Adam, Krystal and myself would leave the Hyatt Hotel and head back to Cincinnati.

I would like to thank the Staff of MHC, Kathy and Barry Schieferstein, Kelly, Anne and Neena Collins. To All my Damed-nation, Welcome To My Nightmare and Rest In Damnation!!

For more information on Damien Reaper, please visit www.damienreaper.com. For more information on The Dent Schoolhouse, please visit www.frightsite.com.