Damien’s MHC Madness 2013

Damien’s MHC Madness 2013
By Damien Reaper
Edited By Noah Wullkotte

I started the day by meeting Addam Grim, his wife-to-be Kristen (Btw I’m very happy for them) and Dent Schoolhouse actress Krystal Crouch who is set to act in the movie “The Campground” by Rojo Productions. Driving up there is always a hoot because we know it’s going to be good times and what MHC brings to the table is a haunter’s dream come true.

The Dent Family who came to MHC includes Alex DJcrew Cruey, Katie Wilson, Maggie Baker, Adam Kraus, Keith Peace, Addam Grim, Kristin Rochelle Jones, Kris Sheeley, Telfore Nyte, Amber Johnson-Tedrick, Julie Langenderfer, Jason Henry, Jim Millspaugh, Dan Leopold, Troy Baldock, Josh D Wells, Bud Stross, Mr. and Mrs. Stross, Josh Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Wells, Leslie Wells, Joe Peters, Matt Godfrey and Leann Caudill.

I made it into room 611 and the 1st thing I did was hug the bed with tears of joy in my eyes. Anyone who knows me knows that I live in a house full of people. So this was equal to having angels sing to you when you find true love. I quickly got ready and went down to the tradeshow floor. Everyone from Jeff Simmons to Melonie Gipson from Haunted Hoochie came up and chatted with me.

Here comes Cowboy Dan which under the mask is the legendary Telfore Nyte. Telfore works for The Dent Schoolhouse, but he was trained by Crazy Bob and Beth Turner from The Haunted Hydro. They are good friends of mine and also trained me and Dan Leopold. Dan has been known as Fatso the Clown since 2008.

This would be the 1st time I would perform without makeup. The reason I did this is because too many people who are close to me felt that the character has taken over my life. I thought ok, I’ll do it unmasked and show up as my regular self. It’s not a facade when I’m on stage or in a room. I own the room with or without a mask, makeup or costume.

The Creep (Andy Becker) who is one of my childhood friends of 20 years got up on stage and owned it with style. Actor and makeup artist Sarah Bolser, Julie Langenderfer and Dan Leopold (my partner in crime for 11 years) got up there and owned the stage as well. Rebecca Minges also commanded the stage. Everyone who got up there did an incredible job. Crazy Bob was the host for the evening and has a great set of dance moves. I sang “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. I had a hard time deciding which song to choose.

I could have sang Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, Dead Babies by Alice Cooper, God of Thunder by Kiss or Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper. My song choice had to be something nobody would expect and the crowd enjoyed it just as much as I did. I would be off to bed by 2 am and I would watch cartoons till 5 am. Soul Eater was a good cartoon to watch while trying to catch some z’s. I luckily fell asleep around 6 am.

I woke up around 3 pm and went to the tradeshow for a while. I saw everyone again and some new faces I hadn’t seen the day before. I thought of the idea of having pizza delivered to the hotel and felt rich in the process. I really enjoyed the peace before the war that would ensue at the Masquerade Balll. People at these events don’t understand the value of peace and quiet. They want to be part of the action and rush to get their costume on and hurry up to make it in time for the party.

I ate my pizza, drank soda and put my costume and makeup on. My costume and makeup will soon be featured in the movie “Nightmares” which starts shooting on July 1st. I wanted to change my look a little and be portrayed as a bum on the street in the dead of winter. The leather trench coat was given to me by Johnny Graves. My makeup was donated by Dungeons of Delhi. It was my favorite makeup from the company Mehron. I slowly walked my undead butt to the event and saw ghouls, monks, clowns, and creatures from all walks of life. The Body Art Fashion Show is always nice to see. Granny (played by Scott Tater Lynd) was in full force. The Miss Scary Midwest Pageant was very cool since they brought back previous winners from years past. This included my Dent sister and fellow Kiss Army soldier, Julie Langenderfer. Her character was influenced by Mother Goose.

Troy Baldock was the Cat playing the fiddle. Both makeup jobs were done by B.A.M. FX and they took 2nd place. Damn my feet and ankles hurt like hell and I had to take breaks here and there. I blame 15 years of acting and consuming 300 pizzas a year. After eating some yummy gummie bears laced with vodka (much thanks to Mama Stross), I walked up to my Room, took a shower and soaked my legs in hot water. It was like boiling chicken.

At 10 am, I hear Bang Bang Bang! You never want to be around a fat man in his underwear when he gets scared from a sound sleep. Thank you Addam! I was smart by packing my bags before I went to bed and I wouldn’t have to be in a rush when checking out. I tossed my bags in Addam’s car and went to the tradeshow floor to get shout outs for my video show and website DamienReaper.com. I Hung out at the Big Scary Show booth and got a free mask and other cool stuff. A big thank you goes out to Storm, Badger, Jerry Vayne and the Unknown Scare Actor.

I saw and talked to someone I haven’t spoken with in 6 years, Chuck Williams. Chuck introduced me in 2009’s Scary-o-ke when I sang Crazy Train. I was surprised he remembered that. I purchased The Telling Produced by Williams. He can’t wait to see Nightmares which will be coming to Youtube and features the talents of myself and Dan Leopold. You never know when Hollywood will be knocking on my door or maybe that’s too high of hopes. I would help the owners of The Dent Schoolhouse bring some stuff to the truck and Grimm’s, Krystal and I would soon leave. Parking was $40 bucks which is a rip off. The last thing we did was eat some food and we were on our way home.

MHC was a great event, but tragedy would soon strike. Haunt actor Sean Chamberlin passed away at the young age of 27. He was born in Taunton, Massachusetts. The haunt community feels the pain of his loss. I had lunch on Friday with Amanda Reevenge and her friends. One of them was Sean and I dug the mohawk. He was a really nice man and was a friend to many as far as I could tell.

Even though I didn’t know him well, he is a haunter and I feel at odds because I just saw him. He and I spoke Friday and I saw him many times throughout the weekend. It really hits you hard knowing how short life can be. You need to cherish people you love because at any given moment you or someone you know or met can be gone in a split second. God works in ways that I can’t understand. He was only 27 and life that young shouldn’t be lost. He’ll never be forgotten.

During MHC, I had a great time with Mommie D, Scott Tater Lynd, Keith, Mike, Anthony, the Newsome Family, Katie Lane and her hubby Shane, Kelly and Neena Collins, Amanda Reevenge, Ethan Mark Turon, Ashley Farmer, Liz Cacciator, Grayson Shuler, Brooke Englehart, Regina Brittany Englehart, Andrew Martingello, Alexandra Lannom, Jason Ervin, Deanna Roberts, Amy Cisneros, Glen Gilmore, Melonie Gipson, Anita and Tom Sowers, Jason McCollum, Geoff Beck, Kathy and Barry Schieferstein, Jackie Steinert, Melissa-Grim Gilmore-Toth, Bull Newlun, Christian Greschel, Johnny Graves, Sean Chamberlin, The Big Scary Show crew, Flat Line Radio and many more.

This article is dedicated to the life and memory of Sean Chamberlin and to his family and friends.