The Chambers of Horror 2014 Review

The Chambers of Horror (Middletown, OH)
“A Hidden Gem of Horror”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The sun goes down while sadistic creatures and horror movie icons come out of hiding. They invade The Chambers of Horror, Ohio’s twisted Haunted House. The Chambers of Horror has been haunting Middletown, Ohio for decades and it’s waiting for you to enter its haunted domain. We arrived on their second night of operation and the line was surprisingly large. An evil clown riding a bike while holding a large ax stalked the crowd.

The original Halloween played outside on a small TV and trailers for horror movie classics like Stephen Kings’s It and Arachnophobia played shortly after. We waited a few minutes before Saw’s Jigsaw appeared on a TV screen inside the waiting area and told us the rules to live by. After watching this brief video, the door slammed open and we were greeted by a ghostly butler. The chandelier started to suddenly move by itself and a piano began to play. A hand emerged from the fire place and tried to grab us, but we fought valiantly. After only a a few minutes, we were allowed to enter The Chambers of Horror.

The Chambers of Horror doesn’t play by the rules of your typical haunted house. There are hidden passageways, locked doors and secrets that you’ll discover. Pick a door and you might get out alive. Chambers of Horror is one of the first haunts in Ohio to utilize the falling ceiling and the infamous Hellevator. You’ll also experience walls that close in on you and some wild and crazy characters.

The Chambers of Horror exploits your deepest fears. If you have a fear of spiders then you’ll be petrified of the Nest. It’s a spider’s lair that leads to a dining room that’s been infested by poisonous eight legged freaks. There are tight spaces you must navigate around and there are dark hallways where monsters are hiding.

The Chambers of Horror utilizes classic horror movie scenes. New this year is the Halloween closet scene which features beautiful blue lighting and the masked killer, Michael Myers. You’ll experience other scenes such as a circus tent, Pet Sematary, the Chop Shop, control room, a walk through freezer, sewer and a variety of rooms that will put a chill down your spine.

One of my personal favorites is the Catacombs which features realistic candles and skeletal remains. It’s a simple scene, but it’s done beautifully. The actors are intense and are in control of your destiny. One second you’ll be locked inside a room and then you’ll magically be transported to another. There were a few things that weren’t working properly the night we visited and a few of the actors seemed unsure of what to do. But we’re sure these problems will be fixed in the coming weeks.

Tickets are $13 a person and VIP is $18 a person. Tickets are a dollar more than last year, but it’s still a good value. Lines can get large on the weekend and I highly recommend spending the extra $5 to skip the regular line. The Chambers of Horror has one of the best concession stands around. It’s called the Snack Chamber and it features many items that are only a dollar. You can get yourself a cup of coffee, hotdog, candy and more. There are also masks available to purchase and many other items that may interest you. If you just feel like getting a snack or refreshment then ring the bell and someone will help you as soon as possible. This is nice for those who aren’t touring the haunt.

The Snack Chamber is decorated with a variety of props such as haunted portraits that come alive before your eyes. We always enjoy looking at the detailed Halloween miniatures and watching customers experience The Last Ride. The Last Ride is a coffin ride simulator that features intense movement, sounds and realistic scents. It’s a unique experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Tickets are $5 a person and you’ll get to watch your friends and family get buried alive on a small TV Monitor next to the coffin.

Tour time for The Chambers of Horror is 23 minutes, but this depends greatly on how long the actors decide to leave you locked inside a room. This is a very action packed haunt that’s dark and sinister. It’s one of the most unique haunts you’ll experience that combines elements of old school and one of a kind scares. We highly recommend that you check out The Chambers of Horror because it’s truly a classic haunt that has stood the test of time. This year might be your last chance to experience this hidden gem.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.4