The Chambers of Horror 2008 Review

The Chambers of Horror-“A Dark and Twisted Journey”
The old Cambridge in can be seen off in the distance as a bright search light shows you the way. Is this haunt safe for those who dare to enter and will you survive The Chambers of Horror?

Length-8: Your trip through terror will take anywhere from 12-15 minutes depending on how well you navigate through the various trap doors and dark rooms.

Design-8: The Chambers of Horror doesn’t rely on facy sets or impressive lighting, but it doesn’t need too. The majority of its scenes and rooms are based on horror movies such as Friday The 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and other classics that people expect to see at haunts. But while most rooms are based on slasher flicks, the lighting doesn’t do them justice. The use of small LED lights would enhance the intensity of scenes and highlight detail.

Props/Animatronics-7: The Chambers of Horror is not a big budget haunt, but uses its resources wisely. Instead of using thousands of dollars worth of high end animatronics, they construct most of their props and effects. You’ll experience a falling sceiling, walls that close in, an intense Hellevator and much more.

Acting-8: The actors at The Chambers of Horror are intense and in your face. But there are some problems that arise. A larger percentage of the characters you’ll come across use rubber masks instead of makeup or prostetics. While it’s easier for an actor to just slip on a mask instead of applying makeup ,it doesn’t have the same realistic effect. And in the end most people will look at The Chambers of Horror as just a haunted house instead of a frighteningly realistic experience brought to life.

Scare Effect-8: The rooms at The Chambers of Horror are as dark and twisted as the actors who occupy them. It’s a very creepy experience to say the least.

Fright Value: Even though the price of admission has been increased by a dollar, it’s still worth the drive and money spent on this old school haunt.

Final Stab-7.8: The Chambers of Horror is an old school haunt taken to the next level. You won’t find incredible animatronics or Hollywood style sets. But what this haunt lacks it makes up for with intense scenes and actors who are dedicated in scaring the wits out of you.