Carnage Haunted House 2017 Review

Carnage Haunted House (Columbus, OH)
“Columbus’ Newest Haunted Nightmare”

By Noah Wullkotte:

Carnage Haunted House is the newest haunt to invade Columbus, OH. We arrived on a Friday night and we were ready to get scared to death. We parked the car and suddenly a half man, half rat confronted us. I’m not sure if he was hungry for a slice a cheese or human flesh. We slowly walked to the ticket booth to get our tickets. Stephen King’s Silver Bullet was playing as the movie was projected onto the building. We didn’t really know what to expect and we weren’t disappointed that’s for sure.

Enter a foggy swamp where a shadow creature is hiding before you squeeze through a claustrophobia tunnel. Carnage Haunted House is a highly detailed haunt. This is the first place we’ve been to that has featured so many taxidermied animals. It was like a museum for dead animals. It’s both beautiful and creepy. Carnage Haunted House doesn’t focus on a certain theme. There’s a plethora of frightening rooms and effects you’ll come across. This is a very creative haunt with a few things we haven’t seen before.

Before entering Carnage Haunted House we were told that the creators put hidden Easter Eggs throughout scenes. Easter Eggs are hidden surprises and Carnage features props, scenes and more that you would find in a horror movie. It was our job to find as many of these Easter Eggs as possible. We failed miserably, but hopefully you’re more successful. Carnage Haunted House is an interesting haunted house with some unique scenes. I enjoyed the room featuring a rotting obese man who was surrounded by garbage, cat crap and other interesting things. The Grumpy Cat pillow and the box of Entenmann’s Chocolate was a nice touch.

Carnage Haunted House doesn’t just rely on high tech animatronics. The majority of the props you’ll see blend in perfectly with the scene. The haunted library. Before entering the barber shop, you’ll see an old fashioned barber poll that lights up the wall behind it. Watch out or you might get scalped. There’s a bloody feast waiting for you. The roasted pig had a human’s head with an apple sticking out of its mouth. That was definitely unexpected. You’ll notice little things here and there that make scenes stand out. The moving conveyor with body parts attached was pretty cool. The animated Mac Truck also got our attention.

This is a haunt that features some of the creepiest rooms we’ve seen all year. The attic full of life sized dolls will definitely give you goosebumps and the room full of mannequins wearing capes is bone chilling. The actors are good and the lighting is great. Total tour time is around 10 minutes. After you’ve survived Carnage Haunted House, you’ll get to see a list of all the Easter Eggs that were hidden in scenes. There’s various concessions available including Carnage Haunted House apparel. There are food trucks, live entertainment and a DJ on select nights. Tickets are $20 per victim and $35 for a Fast Pass. Fast Pass tickets are $27 online.

Our only real complaint is that the haunt could be longer, but they plan on making it larger next year. This is a fun attraction with some of the best detail and lighting we’ve seen all season. We’re looking forward to seeing how Carnage Haunted House grows over time and you definitely need to check them out. It’s fun, unique and very memorable.

Length-6  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.0