Brimstone Haunt 2023 Review

Brimstone Haunt (Wilmington, OH)
“Sometimes Dead Is Better”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Fog gently drifts out from 2 towering reactors, bathed in a warm glow of red lights. Curiosity beckons us to venture into the enchanting realm of Brimstone Haunt. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey. This is City Blood’s 2023 review of Brimstone Haunted Hayride. Sometimes dead is better.

Let’s first discuss the haunted trail known as Forgotten Forest. Forgotten Forest features a cast of colorful characters that will get you one way or another. Some of our favorite actors include the girl in the gory birthday party that yelled at us for not bringing her a gift. She did a great job not breaking character for a minute. The school bus driver also did a great job. He called us window lickers and made us jump out of our skin. Other notable actors are the actor portraying the elevator operator and the doctor in the emergency room.

There are unfortunately areas of the haunt that could use more actors. The graveyard is pretty detailed, but was dead when it came to characters roaming around, no pun intended. The skeletons did creep us out though. The swamp was one of our favorite parts of Forgotten Forest, but it needs to have more actors jumping out. The giant crocodile is a nice touch, but it isn’t enough for an area that large.

The Forgotten Forest is full of many interesting scenes that are sure to make you cry to mamma. We walked through a cave illuminated with blue lights, a toxic wasteland, freezer, carnival, schoolhouse and more. There are little things here and there that you’ll be impressed with. The lighting seems to be improved in areas and there are some unique little touches that will make you ask, how did they do that. The slanted buildings were very cool and the vortex tunnel is one of the better ones. This is a detailed haunt in many ways. The graveyard has many large tombstones. One says “Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog”. Both of those haunts were pretty legendary and won’t be forgotten.

Psychosis is a rather short haunt lasting only 6 minutes, but it’s quite intense while it lasts. This is a pretty dark haunt with blaring rock music that plays. Psychosis is a good blend of intense actors, props and interesting scenes. One of our favorite props we experience at any haunt can be found in Psychosis. I’m of course talking about the killer robot. Watch out or you’ll be blown to smithereenes. The jail with the electric chair was very cool. We also loved the victim who was sawed in half and the massive saw that proceeded to spin our way. There were some areas that seemed to be a little short on actors. The dirty bathroom didn’t have a single character and it seemed like a missed opportunity. Watch out for the rampaging truck that gets up close and personal.

Overall Psychosis is one of the scarier haunts at Brimstone Haunt. It’s length is its Achilles’ heel. Last but certainly not least is Brimstone Haunted Hayride. This is their most popular attraction and there’s a reason for it. Hayrides perfectly embody the Halloween spirit and they’re just plain fun. If you’re not entertained then you’ll find enjoyment in watching someone else on the wagon scream, laugh or cry.

Brimstone Haunted Hayride is unique in the way it deals with its soundtrack. Each scene has its own spooky music or sound effects. We’re surprised that more haunted hayrides don’t do this because it adds to the realism of a haunt. Brimstone Haunted Hayride features a plethora of scenes that are fun and frightening.This includes vehicles that chase the wagon and even bump into you. Our favorite was the flaming truck and the headless horseman who makes an appearance. We almost missed the headless horseman since it was pretty dark in that section of the haunt.

You’ll experience a variety of scenes which are the drive-in/drive through theater. Night of the Living Dead plays on the projector screen as the tractor drives by. Having flesh eating zombies would definitely enhance the scene. One jumping on the wagon would be great! This hayride is definitely spooky. Driving through the cornfield surrounded by scarecrows is something special.

The penitentiary was one of our favorite new scenes, but we aren’t going to give away the scary details. Other scenes that will make you cower in fear include the saw mill, slaughter barn, junkyard and more. The freak show/circus was very entertaining. We couldn’t get over the small roller coaster they built. Brimstone Haunted Hayride does an excellent job incorporating fire into its attraction. Feel the heat from flames that shoot into the air and watch your eyebrows or they might be singed. This attraction doesn’t overdo it with chainsaws. There were just the right amount. The killer pig man had the girls next to me screaming their heads off .

Total tour time was 18 minutes, but it could be longer depending on how long the characters interact with you. Forgotten Forest was 18 minutes as well and Psychosis was only 6 minutes which I mentioned earlier. Brimstone Haunt has what’s called Zombie Alley. This is where you’ll find Zombie Assault, Dead Shot Paintball, Cranium Crusher and Axe Throwing. Zombie Assault is a unique CGI experience that’s a bloody good time. Shoot brain eating zombies at Dead Shot Paintball.

Cranium Crusher and Axe Throwing are brand new. Axe throwing is what it sounds like. You throw an axe at a target and see if it sticks. Cranium Crusher is a carnival style game where it’s your job to hit the brain back into the cranium of the zombie. All these side attractions are spooktacular and add to the time you’ll be at Brimstone Haunt.

Brimstone Haunt has plenty of concessions. There’s a beer barn that serves ,well beer. I had a Twisted Tea, but the Woodchuck Cider sounded pretty damn good for some reason. You’ll find plenty to eat and drink at Sinister Snacks which sells pretzels, nachos, hot dogs, walking tacos, popcorn, apple cider and more. The prices aren’t too bad either. If you’re wanting to remember you’re night at Brimstone Haunt then be sure to pick up some merchandise at their merchandise building. You’ll find hoodies, shirts, cups and much more. I bought a shot glass and a leather drink koozie. Don’t forget to pick up your group photo that was taken before you got in line for the haunted hayride.

General Admission to Brimstone Haunted Hayride is $25, Forgotten Forest is $23 and Psychosis is $16. A Combo ticket is $32 and a Fast Pass Combo is $52. Base ticket prices are $5 cheaper online and you can skip the ticket office line. Parking is $3 per vehicle and it’s cash only. Lights Out takes place on November 4th and it includes Forgotten Forest and Psychosis. Will you conquer the darkness? General Admission is $28 and a Fast Pass is $43. Scary Little Christmas is on December 9th and 16th. Tickets are $28, Scary Little Christmas + Yuletide Village is $30 and a Fast Pass is $45. We always have a blast at Brimstone Haunt. There’s plenty of food, frights and fun. We definitely recommend that you pay them a visit. It’s worth your time and money.

Brimstone Haunted Hayride: Length-8  Design-8  Props-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8  Final Stab: 8.0

Forgotten Forest: Length-8  Design-9  Props-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8  Final Stab: 8.2

Please note: Psychosis, Zombie Assault and Dead Shot Paintball have not been scored.