The Black Bog 2008 Review

The Black Bog-“Survive The Dark and Foggy Paths”

Every year we look forward to visiting The Black Bog. It’s just one of those haunted trails that is unique in the way it’s designed and really makes you feel isolated in the deep dark woods. We didn’t leave disappointed and we look forward to seeing how this haunt progressively gets better from year to year.
Length-9: It will take around 20 minutes to walk the dark and foggy paths of The Black Bog. There are a variety of scenes with very few dead spots in between.
Design-8: This year The Black Bog has been significantly overhauled with many new scenes that are sure to scare most people. New scenes and rooms have been added this year such as an elaborate out door house inhabited by feans. It’s obvious that a lot of time and effort has been put into The Black Bog to make it different than in years past. Other scenes you’ll encounter is a cross dressing bar with a large drag queen included. It sounds funny at first, but it’s a quite frightening scene to say the least. Crowd favorites return such as the haunted school bus inhabited by Freddy Krueger or the intense Hellevator. Overall The Black Bog is heading in a great direction and it will be interesting how things change over the years.
Props/Animatronics-7: The Black Bog isn’t known for having high end animatronics or detailed props, but there are some impressive props that people expect from a haunted trail. Those include a twisting and turning vortex tunnel, a homemade Hellevator and new sets that are sure to impress people. The addition of a few more animated props would greatly improve The Black Bog.
Acting-7: The acting is not the highlight of The Black Bog. While there are a few stand out characters the majority of actors bang on metal barrels or have bad country accents. But there are a few great actors that make up for the lack of dialogue used by many of the characters you’ll encounter. These include a large drag queen who tries to intimidate by some of the things He says, but I won’t repeat. Another memorable character is the elevator operator who announces the rules as He warns you of what lurks behind the elevator door. The acting is decent, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
Scare Effect-8: The Black Bog has always been one of those haunted trails that is unnerving from the start. The way it’s designed has you walking through very foggy paths that are sometimes and tight and creepy. When you visit this haunt please make sure and look up at the sky. The amount of fog used in this trail fills the sky and creates a creepy effect that is hard to duplicate.
Fright Value: $8 is a good deal for a haunted trail that takes at least 20 minutes to complete and has some unique rooms and scenes. Make sure and purchase a $16 combo ticket so you can tour both The Black Bog and Springboro Haunted Hayride at a reasonable price.
Final Stab-7.8: Over the years The Black Bog has become a favorite along side Springboro Haunted Hayride. Instead of just relying on horror movies to make up most of the scenes, it’s created some rooms that are unique to say the least. There is also something creepy and mysterious about how it’s designed and the amount of fog used on some of the murky paths. Make sure and take a trip out to The Black Bog.