Bloodview Haunted House 2008 Review


The last time we had visited Bloodview Haunted House was in 2006. We left pretty impressed by how dedicated the actors were and were impressed by the creative and detailed scenes. This year is no different since there is a longer path, more actors and in the end it’s a more entertaining experience.

Length-9: The first portion of the haunt takes place primarily outdoors. This will last around 10 minutes and then you’ll proceed to enter another line for the second half of Bloodview Haunted House. Your entire trip through terror will lasts 20 minutes.

Design-9: Bloodview Haunted House is unlike any haunt we’ve ever been to. You’ll first enter a traditional haunted house and then exit outside where you’ll enter a spooky graveyard. From there you’ll encounter restless souls, demented hillbillies and a variety of sick feins. After you’ve taken your trip through the wilderness you’ll proceed to enter another line for the next portion of Bloodview Haunted House. This is where the real fun begins. Bloodview Haunted House is a very interesting haunt to say the least. The rooms are tight, confining and downright unique. Scenes you’ll experience are a psycho dance club, crazed doll room, collapsing walls and much more. There is a variety of frightening scenes every which way you go.

Props/Animatronics-8: Bloodview Haunted House’s primary focus isn’t high end props that are worth thousands of dollars. This haunt is out to entertain, frighten and give you an experience that you’ll remember for years. The majority of props you’ll come across go great with the scenes they are in. These include bloody body parts, old baby dolls, haunting portraits and much more

Acting-9: Bloodview Haunted House is home to one of the oldest acting troupes in the United States. They are known as The Legion of Terror and they’ve been scaring people since 1985. Some haunts warn customers that they won’t touch, but this isn’t the case with Bloodview. The actors touch, grab and even check for the sign of the Devil. We’ve never experienced better actors who entertain people in line. They’re actors are truly crazy and once you enter the haunt the intensity goes up a notch. But while the actors are great, they aren’t very scary. We would have liked to have seen more characters who hide in scenes and jump out when you least expect it. With Bloodview it’s like watching a play that slowly progresses from scene to scene. It’s very entertaining, but not very frightening.

Scare Effect-9: Bloodview Haunted House has been designed in a way that makes the entire experience a bit intimidating. The rooms are tight, intense and the actors are quite entertaining. You won’t find better actor and customer interaction then you will at Bloodview Haunted House. Unfortunately Bloodview could be a lot scarier if less groups were put in the haunt at one time. Practically throughout the entire haunt we were behind another group missing some of the scenes. This makes the haunt more entertaining then scary.

Fright Value: Bloodview Haunted House is a unique haunt, but isn’t worth $15 admission. $12 would be more of a reasonable price for a haunt of this stature. Make sure and print out a $1 off coupon available at

Final Stab-8.8:  Bloodview Haunted House is one of the most entertaining haunts we’ve been to this year. But there are a few areas that this haunt needs to work on. There are too many groups put into the haunt at once and there aren’t enough actors who just jump out of a scene when you least expect them. Either way this is an incredible haunt that you shouldn’t miss out on this Halloween season.