Bloodview 2011 Review

Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)
“Zombie Guts and Twisted Nuts”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Bloodview Haunted House in Broadview Heights, OH has possibly the oldest acting troupe in America. They are called The Legion of Terror and they’ve been scaring customers at Bloodview Haunted House for decades. We hadn’t been to Bloodview Haunted House in a few years, but the last time we visited we were blown away. This haunt has the best queue line actors you’ll ever see. Ben Armstrong of Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross, GA was inspired by Bloodview years ago and decided to have his own group of actors interact with customers waiting in line and entering his parking lot.

Many haunts can draw inspiration from Bloodview because the actors are so dedicated to their craft. They never break character and are extremely creative. The line is almost as entertaining as the haunt because some of Bloodview’s best actors can be seen on the outside interacting with people. Bloodview has a nasty cast of characters with many characters I’ve never seen portrayed at other haunts. My favorite queue line actor of the night is the white guy with an afro and 70’s style clothing. He walks around protecting the crowd as zombies roam Bloodview. He uses his toy gun and other methods to kill off the zombie hoard. He’s very entertaining and he eventually becomes one of the dead later in the night.

Bloodview has tons of characters with detailed costumes and horrifying makeup. Another favorite of mine is the woman in a wheelchair who has a zombie attached to a strap as a person in front dangles a severed arm in front of the zombie. The zombie is so close to getting his treat, but never does. Bloodview is full of different zombies that are waiting to make you part of their meal. There’s a zombie with pig tails and glasses, a zombie with glasses and a turtle neck, an undead Indian, a pregnant flesh eater and even a nun who tries to fight off evil. Every time you hear the sirens go off, Zombies attack Bloodview and the crowd waiting to get inside.

Bloodview consists of two haunts that will force you to wait in two queue lines, but I consider it a large haunt made up of two themed sections. Bloodview isn’t just about its acting. There are also plenty of scenes that will peak your interest. This includes 666 News where the Devil and a freaky ghoul are reporting on today’s current events and what’s going on at Bloodview. You’ll also experience a wooden type maze with baby dolls and one scary little girl who sings “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. This section is better known as “Baby Doll Island”. You’ll enter a gory kitchen with a skull revolving in the microwave, a flesh colored vortex tunnel, a graveyard with a Lions Club statue, a room that tilts when activated, cells that hold mental patients, a missing persons room and more. A lot of the walls at Bloodview are covered with what looks like melting body parts and bones. It’s pretty disgusting! Rooms are also tight and confining.

Your entire experience lasts around 20 minutes and this doesn’t include the entertaining queue lines. Tickets are $15 and repeat walk throughs are $3 a ticket. You can purchase an all night pass for $20. This gets you all night access to the haunts, a hot dog, bag of chips and can of pop. This is the only haunt I’ve ever been to that has offered an incredible combo deal like this for only five additional dollars. I of course chose the all night pass and was able to take my time going through the haunts as many times as I wanted. Visit for discounts .

As closing time drew near, the soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was played. This is a great cult classic and a symbol of what Bloodview is all about. The actors are freaky, the theatrics are incredible and it’s just an incredibly fun experience from the moment you arrive to the minute you exit. There’s nothing else like it in the state of Ohio and you would be a fool to not make a visit to Bloodview.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-10  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.8