Bloodview Haunted House 2015 Review


“The Great Witch Inquisition”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The witch inquisition has begun. Bloodview Haunted House has been taken over by priests, demons, witches and more. Jesus Christ walks around the queue line wearing a crown of thorns while a madman with machetes scrapes the ground with his deadly weapons. A scarecrow comes alive before your very eyes and a human/dog hybrid barks at customers. This all happens while you wait to enter the haunt.

Bloodview is known for its outrageous characters that torment customers in the queue line. It’s an interactive haunted experience that changes every night. Blooview Haunted House is a unique attraction. Walls are covered with skulls, guts and human remains. It resembles souls that are crying out for help. Some scenes even feature realistic looking stained glass windows.

Bloodview is a dark and mysterious haunt with some very crazy characters. One of our favorites was Olga the Witch. We saw her several times throughout the haunt as she opened and shut doors. She speaks in tongues and rubbed my nose with a weird dried up plant.

Blooview will have you entering the Over the Rainbow Asylum where patients are locked up behind bars and are ready to escape. Walls are tight and confining and you’re worst fears will be exploited. If you’re afraid of the dark then you’ll definitely be creeped out by Bloodview’s dark maze.

Blooview has some unique scenes. Most notably is the gas line leak room which tilts after the actor presses a button. Their vortex tunnel looks like it’s made out of skin and pumpkin spice is the flavor of the month in their disgusting deli. Please be sure to have a Sweetest Day gift for the crazed woman in the dirty kitchen or you’re going to pay.

Bloodview Haunted House has some of the best queue line actors you’re going to encounter. The haunt itself is pretty good as well. We did have a few issues with the outside area. There weren’t enough actors and at times we were left wondering when something was going to happen. The actors we encountered like the preacher with his bible and the witch putting a curse on us were great. The Baby Doll Island could be improved and be more intense. Bloodview consists of The Gore House, Cemetery Path and the original main house.

Bloodview Haunted House is one of the few haunts you’ll go to where you actually want to wait in line. There are nearly 70 actors that you’ll come face to face with. The total tour time is around 20 minutes. Tickets are $20 Fridays and Saturdays. After 10 pm tickets are only $15. This is an unlimited pass where you can go through as many times as you want. Tickets are only $10 on Sundays. There are plenty of concessions available like hot dogs, chips, Monster Engery Drink and much more. The prices are very reasonable. Click here for a coupon for free chips and soda with the purchase of a ticket.

Bloodview Haunted House has been around for well over 3 decades, 35 to be exact. It’s produced by the The Legion of Terror. They’re the world’s oldest improv horror production company. The haunt is presented by the Broadview Heights Lions Club. Over the years, they’ve been able to raise over 2 million dollars for charity.

This is a very fun and interactive experience you’re not going to forget.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 8.0