Bloodview 2014 Review

Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)
“Real Live Freaks and Killers”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Ghouls and creatures from the darkest corners of the human soul roam the grounds of Bloodview Haunted House. The oldest improvisational acting troupe known as The Legion of Terror invades one of Ohio’s oldest haunted attractions. Bloodview is one of the few haunts where it’s fun to wait in line because of all the incredible actors that entertain the crowd.

A psychopath wielding two machetes terrorizes the queue line as he gets inches away from striking. Jason Voorhees and a Killer clown have a little fun with those waiting to enter the haunt. Bloodview has a different show every night because each actor creates their own unique character. The actors are the highlight of the haunt and can make any scene their own.

Bloodview Haunted House has a unique design. The outside area is unpredictable because some of the scenes are pretty unusual. One of my personal favorites is the scene that features the filming of an old horror movie. A director with an old style video camera films a movie starring a werewolf. It’s not a scary scene, but it’s pretty fun to participate as the director asks for a scared reaction from customers.

Bloodview Haunted House has its own graveyard where you’ll meet some interesting characters. A man dressed as a female vampire in black tries to get a reaction out of you as you exit the graveyard scene. Bloodview features very few horror movie characters. Leatherface is ready to attack with his gas powered chainsaw that has a red glowing light.

The inside portion of Bloodview Haunted House is where the haunt really shines. The walls are decorated with great detail. There’s realistic stone, stained glass windows, skulls that decorate scenes and lots of little touches here and there. One of the most intricate scenes features a set that was donated by the metal group Mushroomhead. The walls are covered with gears, there’s a pipe organ and more. This scene resembles the inside of a pocket watch or a clock.

Bloodview doesn’t play by the rules of a typical haunted house. Floors can be uneven, hallways are tight and confining and there are some very original characters. The deli is one of the more interesting rooms and has a killer wearing his victim’s skin for a mask. He preaches about how the end is near.

Bloodview doesn’t have many clown characters, but the haunt does feature a scene that will have the floor moving up and down because of one unpredictable clown. This is a crazy attraction with some crazy characters. Insane asylum patients hide behind bars and will grab at anyone who gets near them. A whino lays in a corner and is hard to understand as she slurs her words.

Corpses are hidden underneath the floor and are illuminated by light. Let the vortex tunnel spin you around and around. Bloodview lasts around 20 minutes if you don’t include the wait in line. But the wait in line is part of the overall experience. You won’t find better queue line actors anywhere. It’s an intense interactive show where actors use real weapons and there are characters you won’t see anywhere else. Please be sure not to arrive right before they close. The smaller the crowd, the more likely there will be less queue line actors roaming around. Get there early and have fun.

Bloodview consists of 3 different attractions which are Cemetery Path, the Gore House and the original main house. We consider it just one attraction with different themed areas. Tickets are $20 a person and you can go through Bloodview as many times as you want that night. Tickets are only $10 on Sundays in October. Profits made go towards a great cause. Bloodview is presented by the Broadview Heights Lions Club. This 34 year old haunt has donated over $2 million dollars to charity. There are plenty of concessions available on-site like hotdogs, soda, chips and more.

Bloodview Haunted House is a unique interactive experience with some of the best actors in the area. It’s not just a haunt, it’s an insane trip through terror where every night there are new characters and it’s a different show. You definitely won’t forget your time at Bloodview Haunted House, where you become part of the show.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-9  Scare Effect-8 
Final Stab: 8.4