Bloodview Haunted House 2009 Review

Bloodview Haunted House is simply one of the best charity haunts in Ohio and has the best queue line actors you’ll ever experience. When we showed up, the line was somewhat long, but we were kept entertained the entire time because of the variety of grotesque characters that walked through the lines. This is the review of Bloodview Haunted House.
Length-9: Bloodview Haunted House lasts over 20 minutes and is non stop when it comes to sheer horror. There are very few dead spots with the exception of the outside area where there are scenes, but not enough to fill the area.
Design-8: The buildings that are used for Bloodview Haunted House are rather small, but are used to their full potential. The majority of rooms are tight and confining while the outdoor area is used for a graveyard, hillbilly shacks and various scenes. Most of the scenes are very hectic and are based around lunatics. The design for Bloodview Haunted House is good, but more detail could be used in quite a few rooms to make them really shine.
Props/Animatronics-8: Bloodview Haunted House doesn’t rely soley on fancy sets or props. Their bread and butter is their amazing cast of characters. Props include bloody body parts, a vortex tunnel, house facades and more. The acting overshadows the props and that’s a good thing with this haunt.
Acting-10: Bloodview Haunted House uses the oldest acting troupe in America. They are known as the Legion of Terror and having been using their talents at haunts for nearly 25 years. They wear elaborate costumes, detailed prostethics and never come out of character. When you first arrive you’ll be greeted by some of the most grotesque and oddball characters in Ohio.
You’ll meet a guy who’s come down with the swine flu and proceeds to cough up blood. You’ll come face to face with a drooling freak wrapped in plastic. There is even a cursed tribe dressed in Mayan clothing that chant in a language you can’t understand. The amount of characters that entertain the lines is impressive and is only the beginning of what you’ll experience at Bloodview Haunted House. Once you are inside the haunt you’ll be confronted by crazed lunatics, unspeakable creatures and some of the most intense actors I’ve seen this season.
Scare Effect-10: To say this is an unrelenting haunt would be putting it litely. Not only are the queue line actors creepy, the way the rooms are designed may make you claustrophobic. This is a unique haunt that relies mostly on its great characters and fast paced nature.
Customer Service: Bloodview is a charity haunted house and the staff is there for all the good reasons. They are nice and the parking is set up perfectly. There are plenty of concessions like hot dogs, chips, soda, hot chocolate and the typical concessions you find at haunts. For $20 you can enter the haunt as many times as you’d like, receive a bag of chips, a hot dog and a drink. All you have to do is show your wrist band.
Fright Value: $15 seems to be about the going rate for haunts in the area. While this can be pricey especially for a large family, it’s still worth the price of admission. One thing I’ve never seen a haunt do is offer a Stimulus Package. You’ll get a hotdog, chips, a 12 ounce can of pop and be able to enter the haunt as many times as you want that night for only $20. If you are planning on purchasing a regular admission ticket, please make sure and print out a coupon available at
Final Stab-9.0: Bloodview Haunted House is far from your typical haunt. Many charity haunts rely on worn out horror movie themes while Bloodview is original and has some of the most creative haunt actors in Ohio bar none. Make time this season to visit Bloodview Haunted House and hopefully the therapy won’t be too much.