Blackout 2010 Review

Blackout-“Where’s My Flashlight?”
Genre: Dark Maze
7323 E. Hanna Ave.
, IN
Runtime: Well under 10 min

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Blackout is a very dark and spooky haunt with a few dead ends and could be confusing if you’re not used to these types of haunts. There are a couple of body bags along the way and a few actors from above. Lights will briefly flash so you don’t get too lost.

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
This is a straight forward maze and is extremely easy to navigate. $13 is way too high of a price for an attraction of this quality when you can buy a ticket for Hanna Haunted Hayrides for the same ticket price.

Customer Service:
Hanna Haunted Acres has plenty of concessions available at their various trailers. You can purchase a hotdog, burgers, snacks, cold drinks and more. There’s also an area that plays popular music near Entanglement Corn Maze. $13 is extremely high for a dark maze with little to offer. For $21 you can enter two haunts and you can tour all 6 attractions for $27. Visit Hanna Haunted Acres’ website to fill out a form for a $4 discount on the All Attractions Package.

Final Thoughts:
I will never quite understand some people’s fasination with mazes that are in pitch black darkness. These types of attractions are nowhere near as entertaining as a haunted house, haunted trail or hayride. There are some quality dark mazes you’ll come across, but this isn’t one of them.

Note: Props are not considered in a review of a maze.

Length-5    Design-5    Acting-2    Scare Effect-5

Official Score – 4.2