Black Orchard Haunted House 2023 Review

Black Orchard Haunted House (Shelbyville, KY)
“A Barn Full of Fright”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Black Orchard Meats proudly offers top-quality 100% USDA Prime Choice Beef. Rest assured, it is sourced from the finest livestock, not human meat. Treat yourself to the delicious taste and superior quality that Black Orchard Meats is renowned for. This is City Blood’s 2023 review of Black Orchard Haunted House in Shelbyville, KY.

Black Orchard Haunted House is a very interactive haunt. We had an actress in the laundry room wash our hands with a rag. She splashed us with water as we left the scene. This scene might really freak you out if you ‘re uncomfortable with a stranger touching your hands.

The graveyard is a spooky place at night. The grave digger wants you to give something to the earth. Dig a grave and present a gift to her. You might find a shiny spoon or even a body part. We weren’t allowed to leave unless we participated. The butcher has a special name for his baseball bat. Say her name loud and proud and give me a “Hell Yeah”. There’s some other surprises that I won’t dare give away.

A little girl has a collection of gifts. Her favorite is the baby doll. Have a good look, but don’t touch. She’ll scream her head off if you grab it. The actors are bat shit crazy. One lunatic rambles on and on about how you’ll go loopy if you try the meat. A crazed pig face killer can be seen holding a massive chainsaw that’s inches from your face. You better not enter his tool shed.

This is a very authentic looking haunt where you’ll feel like you’re entering a real haunted barn. You’ll explore areas like the chicken coop or navigate around hanging body bags. The bridge features realistic looking slabs of meat that hang from the ceiling. This is an incredibly interactive adventure, where the performers deliver an exhilarating experience without being overly intense. Even the props come to life, creating an exciting challenge as you skillfully evade a colossal goat head that playfully wants to eat you alive.

The outside section of Black Orchard Haunted House features excellent acting, but could use more detailed scenes. The best part of this attraction is of course the barn where the most action occurs. This is an action packed haunt where you’ll feel like you’ve entered some sick and sadistic world full of freaks. These freaks wear intricate makeup or grotesque masks.

Total tour time was 20 minutes, but it depends on how long the various characters interact with you. General admission is $25, Fast Pass is $40 and Front of the Line – VIP is $60. You’ll be escorted by your very own Black Orchard monster to the front of the line.There’s Black Orchard merchandise available when you exit the haunt.

Black Orchard Haunted House knows how to put on a really good show full of shocking characters, surprises and it’s one hell of a frightening atmosphere. Believe the stories surrounding the legend because they’re all true and tell them City Blood sent you!

Length-9 Design-8 Props-8 Acting-9 Scare Effect-8

Final Stab: 8.4