Baxter Avenue Morgue 2010 Review

Baxter Avenue Morgue-“What Lurks in the Shadows?”
Genre: Haunted House
Location: 451 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
Runtime: 15 Minutes

When people think of haunts in Louisville, Kentucky one haunt always comes to mind. This is of course Baxter Avenue Morgue. This is one of those unique haunts that creeps you out before you even have enough courage to enter. But once you’re inside, it’s so chilling that you might wet yourself in the process.

This is City Blood’s review of Baxter Avenue Morgue.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Baxter Avenue Morgue is one of the creepiest haunts in the United States. Once you step inside the old morgue, an evil presesence overwhelms the sences. This place feels truly haunted before even stepping in a room or encountering a ghoulish creature. But once you get the nerve to enter The Baxter Avenue Morgue you’ll truly never be the same.

The first few minutes of the tour will have you face to face with Warren Vanderdark, owner of Baxter Avenue Morgue. He gives a brief history of the place and explains why it’s haunted. From there you’ll enter various rooms and corridors that can only be found in your worst of nightmares. This includes a spooky graveyard, a spider’s lair, werewolf forest, a haunted laundry room, a prison with tortured kids, a maddening clown room, body bag alley and a variety of scenes that will have your heart beating a mile a minute.

A big reason why Baxter Avenue Morgue is very intense is because of the way it’s designed. Many rooms are tight and cofining while some scenes have low ceilings. It creates a sense that there’s no where to run or hide. Not only are the rooms great, so is the decor. Baxter Avenue Morgue doesn’t rely on high end animatronics, but instead incorporates realistic set pieces that coninside with the room. You’ll see old tombstones, a moving spider from above, shaking morgue vaults, a corpse with eyes that bug out and everything you would expect to see in a real life morgue. 

This year the actors are more intense and right up in your face. Don’t be shocked if a character strokes your hair or grabs your arm. The creators of Baxter Avenue want to make this haunt as realistic as possible and with the element of touch it’s taken to the extreme. There are many shocking and scary surprises inside Baxter Avenue Morgue. Are you brave enough to enter?

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
$25 is way to high for a haunt in the Louisville, Kentucky area. There are many discounts available on the Baxter Avenue Morgue website, but many people will avoid the website all together and pay the full admission price instead. Baxter Avenue Morgue is a great haunt, but $25 is just too high compared to what other haunts are charging. The average admission for a haunt in Louisville is between $12 and $17. A family of four visiting Baxter Avenue Morgue will pay $100 to experience a 15 minute haunt. So please make sure to visit for some great discounts.

Customer Service:
When you arrive at Baxter Avenue Morgue, make sure to park across the street. There’s not much parking available and this is especially the case when there’s a huge crowd. It’s free, so there isn’t much to complain about. When you exit you’ll notice that there is a large concession booth with everything you could think of that deals with Baxter Avenue Morgue. There are also plenty of port a potties on the side.

As noted earlier, $25 is a pretty high ticket price for a single attraction. There are plenty of coupons that you can print out to get some hefty discounts, buy many people are just going to walk up the ticket booth without every visiting the website or receiving a coupon somehow.

Final Thoughts:
The last 2 years Baxter Avenue Morgue has essentially stayed the same, but this year there are many new changes that I won’t dare give away. After I was done touring the haunt, my heart was racing. This is a scary and creepy experience that shouldn’t be missed by any means . But please make sure to print out one of their coupons available at

Are you ready to walk through the dark corridors and twisted catacombs at The Baxter Avenue Morgue?

Length-8     Design-9     Props/Animatronics-9     Acting-10     Scare Effect-10

Official Score – 9.2

Fun Facts:
Every year Baxter Avenue morgue holds a cast call 4 weeks prior to open. They do a personal interview with each applicant. One year they had 275 people try out for 10 positions.