Bad Trip in 3D 2009 Review

Bad Trip in 3D-“An Acid Trip From Hell”
Bad Tip in 3D is a brand new haunt at Dead Acres and while it doesn’t have a massive line, it’s still worth a visit. With time this haunt will improve and hopefully become a favorite for Ohio haunt goers.

Length-7: Your journey through this psychedelic house of horrors will take less than 15 minutes, but is great while it lasts.

Design-8: Most of Bad Trip in 3D consists of 3D paintings on walls with scenes that relate to the carnival or circus. These paintings are up close and personal as you wear your 3D glasses. There aren’t that many scenes to speak of, but it all seamlessly blends together to create a quality haunt.

Props/Animatronics-8: The decor inside Bad Trip in 3D is great. This includes a clown with stretched out cheeks, a monster with large fangs, a Cyclops Clown, slaughtered pigs, a corpse holding her baby, a large blinking alien mutant eye, a vortex tunnel, a Venus Fly Trap eating its victim and much more. Many of the props are from Unit 70 Studios and have been painted so they can come alive in 3D. It’s really neat looking at all these great detailed figures that are coming at you in 3D.

Acting-7: There aren’t too many actors in this haunt compared to Dead Acres, but the ones that you’ll see go great with the 3D circus/carnival theme the haunt is going for. Additional actors would help the haunt, but Bad Trip in 3D is more like an old fashioned fun house taken to the extreme instead of a haunt that’s full of actors.

Scare Effect-7: Bad Trip in 3D will make you feel like you’ve ingested the most potent drugs available. It’s like an acid trip combined with your worst nightmare. You may feel dizzy and off balance because of all the 3D effects and there are some really creepy moments if you have a fear of clowns.

Customer Service: Parking is $3 and is pretty organized. There are concessions at the concession trailer such as gum, soda, cheese burgers and more. The haunt itself would be easier to find if the sign was lit. The staff is friendly and funny as well.

Fright Value: $17 is a bit high for a brand new attraction. $12 would be a more reasonable price while that may be a bit too high. It seemed like a large percentage of people that were going through Bad Trip in 3D purchased a combo ticket for both haunts and that’s what I suggest you do. You can go through both haunts for only $25. That makes both haunts only $12.50 each which seems like a reasonable price.

Final Stab-7.4: This is a very enjoyable haunt, but I just wish it lasted longer and had some more actors. But it’s fun while it lasts and is one of those haunts you will remember for a while because of all the neat effects it uses. So if you are into 3D haunts or want to experience something different from Dead Acres, then purchase a ticket for Bad Trip in 3D.