The Anderson Hotel Haunted House 2023 Review

The Anderson Hotel Haunted House (Lawrenceburg, KY)
“Embrace Fear”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Anderson Hotel has a history of paranormal activity. People have seen spirits, heard ghostly voices, been touched and even bitten. 3 people were unfortunate enough to have bites marks on their skin. Explain that. 13 ghosts haunt this creepy hotel and more are discovered all the time. The hotel was closed for a couple years because of its violent hauntings, but it’s been reopened for the public to experience. Relive its haunted past and hopefully you don’t become one of the spirits that walk its haunted halls.

We first entered the Bad Side. The Bad Side features some of the most haunted rooms in Anderson Hotel. You’ll be given a glow stick and you must walk through pitch black darkness. There’s a thunderstorm soundtrack and lights that flash on and off. To say that the Bad Side is spooky would be an understatement. You never know what lurks in the darkness in the Bad Side. The spirits are waiting. Are you ready for some scares? It took us 7 minutes to find our way out of the Bad Side. There are arrows pointing you in the right direction, but it can still be a bit confusing as to where to go. I entered the same rooms a couple times because of how dark it was.

After we survived the Bad Side, we sat down to view a video that tells the history of Anderson Hotel and boy does it have a twisted past. When the video is done playing, it’s time to enter the main haunt. The video could have been a little shorter, but that’s just a minor complaint. This is a haunt that’s very realistic and has some of the best acting we’ve seen. It’s like a live breathing horror story. It’s unlike any haunt we’ve ever been to.

I can see why some people have quit. It’s a very intense experience that you won’t soon forget. You’re not going to see Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. There are no horror movie villains at Anderson Hotel. Most of the characters are based on real flesh and bone people that contribute to its ghostly past. You’ll meet the hotel owner. Sit down on a piss covered couch and get ready to experience true fear.

This is a violent haunt that deals with subject matter that will put a chill down your spine. Watch a man hang himself and come face to face with the maintenance man who works himself to death. The coroner isn’t too happy as he shows you a woman who nearly cut her arm off after dealing with a Ouija Board. The acting is superb. Daphne the cleaning lady was very convincing and so was the fortune teller. This is a haunt that doesn’t hold back when it comes to being realistic. The couch at the beginning smells like urine and the fortune teller has a white contact lens to show that she is blind in one eye. Watch as she makes a sacrifice as she cuts into her palm.

There’s a simulated fire in the haunt. It features red lights and plenty of fog. The lighting in the next room looks like fiery flames. I truly hope that more people learn about Anderson Hotel because it’s simply scary and one of the most unique haunts in Kentucky. Anderson Hotel deals with real authentic horror. You might even see a chainsaw maniac or a serial killer with a jack in the box. We loved this haunt and we feel that you will too. It was definitely worth the wait in line.

Total tour time for the main haunt was 13 minutes. The Bad Side was 7 minutes. We didn’t include the time it took to watch the video. General admission is $15. The Dead Pass (VIP Ticket) is $30 and it includes a tour of the Bad Side and fast entry at the time scheduled. You’ll be escorted to the line by a robed actor holding a lantern if you have a Dead Pass.

On Halloween night Anderson Hotel goes extreme for the first time ever. You can purchase a Full Touch necklace for $5.00 at the Ticket Booth. In order to purchase you must have photo ID to prove you’re 18 or older and complete a waiver. The only people that will be touched are those with the necklace. The ticket tent can be found behind the building. There are also T-Shirts available to purchase. General Admission and a T-Shirt is $30 and a Dead Pass and a T-Shirt is $45. Below Anderson Hotel is the restaurant known as Heaven to Betsy. It serves delicious sandwiches and deserts. Please visit for information on private investigations and paranormal events. We were beyond impressed with Anderson Hotel Haunted House. Embrace fear!

Please Note: Scoring is for the main haunt.

Length-7 Design-8 Props-7 Acting-10 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 8.4