All Time Greats

All Time Greats: Legendary Status

Below is a list of haunts that have been consistently good over many years of operation. These are incredible haunts in every sense of the word and seem to get better with age. While there have been some incredible haunts in the last couple years, they won’t be added to the list for quite some time.

Baxter Avenue Morgue (2000-?)
Just imagine walking into a basement of an old morgue inhabited by creepy props, crazed creatures and madmen around every corner. This place gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie (2003-?)
For The Haunted Hoochie to progress in the new era, a new haunt would have to be built and it was. Dead Acres was born on 2003 and shocked Ohio with it’s non stop in your face animatronics and insane actors. It’s become one of the most talked about and popular haunts in Ohio and has quickly become a classic.

Fear Fair (2001-?)
Fear Fair in Seymour, Indiana may possibly have the best horror movie recreations of any haunt in the nation. The amount of detail that goes into this haunt is off the charts and its actors are the epitome of intense. Fear Fair is a classic in every way.

Haunted Spook Coop (2001-2008)
If you think an old chicken coop is an unexpected place to have a haunt, you are dead wrong. The Haunted Spook Coop did very little advertising and had a variety of impressive animatronics and great set design. It’s just one of those haunts that has a little of everything that people enjoy in a great attraction.

Nightmare Estates (1999-2004)
Nightmare on Glenway was brought back to life and given the name Nightmare Estates. This haunt made you feel as if you were in a real house taken over by ghouls. Nobody can forget Freddy’s Bus, the talking Elvis corpse or Bludzo The Clown.

Night of Fright (1993-2000)
Night of Fright was one of the first professional haunts introduced into the Cincinnati area and soon became a favorite for many people. From its forbidden rooms to its dedicated actors, no wonder this haunt will be missed. After it burned down in the late 90’s, many of its actors went to other local haunts to continue its tradition of great acting.

Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (2006-?)
Sandyland Acres is one of those unusual haunts that has some of the best horror movie scenes around. Most haunts fail in creating convincing horror movie rooms, but at Sandyland Acres classic horror movie icons come alive. These include Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leather Face and more. Even though this haunt is appropriate for the whole family, it’s still one of the spookiest attractions around. Ever since this classic hayride has been around, it’s consistently ranked as the best hayride in Kentucky.

Springboro Haunted Hayride (1989-?)
This longstanding haunt tradition has succeeded with its use of traditional scares and intense scenes of mayhem. It features calssic scenes from the horse riding Headless Horseman to a witch with her boiling cauldron. This is a haunt you can bring the family to while being chased by various vehicles and farm equipment.

The Dent Schoolhouse (2006-?)
The Dent Schoolhouse was formerly known as The Haunted House and has a rich history of scaring people for decades in Cincinnati, OH. What once was a typical haunt that relied on cliche horror movie themes has grown beyond belief thanks to the team from 1031 Productions. You’ll have a difficult time finding a haunt in Ohio that’s better themed and has a more frightening story line. This is the one and only Dent Schoolhouse.

Haunted Hoochie Outdoor Huts Version (1991-2003)
The Haunted Hoochie was open to the public in the early 90’s and was unlike anything anyone had experienced in a haunted attraction. It combined graphic and intense skits with spooky and heart pounding rooms with an incredible haunted trail added into the mix. It was one of the few haunts that could pull off using lots of chainsaws and was able to scare you in the process.

The Chambers of Horror (1998-2014)
The Chambers of Horror was a unique breed of haunt. It was the definition of old school with in your face actors, homemade effects, horror movie scenes and original scares. Unfortunately 2014 was its last year of operation. City Blood will miss The Chambers of Horror and all the good times we had there.

The Haunted Hotel (1991-?)
Louisville’s longest running haunt gets better every year and its use of dedicated actors makes it that much better. From its high startle scenes to its innovative scares, it’s no wonder this haunt has stood the test of time. You’ll check in, but you won’t check out.

The Haunted Laboratory (1981-?)
While some haunts try to pull off the laboratory theme, this haunt does it with ease. Some of the most impressive scares can be found at The Haunted Laboratory. Where else can you see a million and a half volt Tesla coil or a massive laser light air tunnel? This is the standard from which all Ohio haunts should be measured in terms of design and props.

The Haunted Schoolhouse (1974-?)
Akron, OH’s longest standing haunt has some of the most creative rooms and breath taking Hollywood sets that it’s hard not to be impressed by this classic haunt. Every year it gets better and every year there’s more victims. School’s in session!!

The House of Nightmares (Mt.Vernon, OH) (1996-2006)
A large spooky mansion lies off in the distance while evil waits inside. The House of Nightmare is a classic haunt that embodies everything a good haunt should have which is detailed rooms, intense actors and classic themes. This haunt would move to Downtown Columbus and eventually change it’s name. But it was never the same. In the summer of 2015, the original building caught on fire and the buidling will most likely be torn down.

USS Nightmare (1993-?)
Here is one of the most talked about haunts in Ohio/Northern Kentucky. The USS Nightmare has a perfect setting for a haunt. It doesn’t get much better than a haunted steamboat and the haunt is incredible as well.