Acres Manor 2008 Review

Acres Manor-“Fear The Darkness”
Acres Manor is known as Hanna Haunted Acres kid friendly haunt. But this year many changes have been made and it now feels like a haunt that is scary enough for adults and not to frightening for the little ones.

Length-8: It will take around 10 minutes to walk through Acres Manor. Once you exit the haunt you’ll enter into Black Out, a brand new attraction at Hanna Haunted Acres.

Design-7: Most of Acres Manors consists of various rooms that resemble what you would find in a decrepit old haunted house. What once was known as the haunt built to entertain a younger crowd is now more intense. Rooms you’ll experience are a haunted laundry room, a disgusting bath room and much more. This sounds kind of cheesy, but these scenes fit well with this style of haunt. A new addition this year is Black Out. Once you exit Acres Manor you’ll enter a line for Hanna Haunted Acres first dark maze. Black Out is a fun attraction, but isn’t difficult to navigate through since there is really only one distinct path you can follow.

Props/Animatronics-6: Acres Manors has the worst props out of any haunt at Hanna Haunted Acres. The decor makes rooms feel real, but the animatronics are obviously homemade. The addition of some high tech scares would help this rather short and mediocre haunt.

Acting-7: The majority of actors at Acres Manor are well hidden within scenes and pop out when you least expect them. So make sure to pay close attention to pictures hanging from the wall or doors you would never expect to open. The actors are most likely hidden there.

Scare Effect-6: Acres Manor is the tamest haunt at Hanna Haunted Acres due to its poorly themed rooms and mediocre actors. The entire haunt feels like a haunted house you would see on an old Scooby Doo cartoon. While this sounds entertaining, it falls short of being the least bit scary.

Fright Value: $8 is a bit high for a haunt of this quality. But you have to remember that Blackout is included with admission.

Final Stab-6.8: Acres Manor is an average haunt that has a lot of potential, but unfortunately it falls short in being scary and you’re left wanting more. This haunt needs to be overhauled in a big way before you consider spending $8 on a ticket.